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Making our Earth Wobble an Environmental Problem that We Are Afraid to Talk About.

Are we making our earth wobble, Are causing the increase in Earthquakes in the Middle East and world wide. Read this article and see how the changing of our environment by the use of oil is more than the Green House Effect!

Are we changing our environment possibly making the earth wobble

Moving tons of earth, pumping billions of barrels of oil, burning and redistributing these massive resources can actually make our environment change by making the earth wobble.   We are redistributing the weight of the earth and making the earth wobble. Are we changing our environment possibly making the earth wobble changing our environment possibly increasing the chance for Earthquake.

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our earth is mother earth, if we don't watch our envirnomental habits, we're in trouble Are We Making the Earth Wobble and What are the Effects.

One Quick Note:  I just heard that we import 9 million barrels of oil per day.

Let's do the math.  1 barrel = 55 gals
1 gallon of oil = 7 lbs
55 gallons = 385 lbs
9,000,000 barrel's x 385 lbs = 3,465,000,000 lbs 
3,465,000,000 lbs / 2000 lbs = 1,732,500 tons / day
x 365 =  632,362,500 tons / year

One thing that the Bible says is that in the end days there will be a big increase in earthquakes.  If you think of moving over 600 million tons of just oil, probably most of it from the middle east, we are changing the equilibrium of the earth a tremendous amount.  Sure the earth is big and heavy, but just think about it,  with the spin of the earth and moving this much weight year after year, there is a tremendous mass change.  I remember hearing on the Art Bell show where one of the listeners called in and gave references to a scientific study talking about a wobble that we have induced.   Before this caller made this statement, I never thought of this.  If you count all of the rock and ore that have been redistributed plus the extremely large explosive blast that we are reverberating the earth with, it is very possible that we are going to have problems.  The earth has spent billions of years seeking equilibrium which minimizes stresses that cause earthquakes.  By redistributing this mass we are changing this equilibrium and the earth will try to equalize this change by way of earthquakes.

What do you think?
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C. Jeff Dyrek 

What About our Social Environment?  Are we affecting it too?

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