Conservative Republicans and Democrats.

Are YOUR KIDS watching Dangerous Cartoons or playing Dangerous Video Games?
This country has been at odds with socialism for 75 years plus.
taps came from both the confederate army and the union army during the civil war

What is the difference between Republicans, Democrats and Socialists?

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We have Foreign Enemies
but do we have Domestic Enemies?
You bet we do. Just watch the Saturday morning
kids cartoons and tell me if we are being
attacked using psychological warfare.


taps came from both the confederate army and the union army during the civil war

Conservative Republicans and Democrats

Dear Webmaster:

Please expose the real contest between Conservative Republicans and Democrats (liberal is redundant).  This country has been at odds with socialism for 75 years +.  We fought against the National Socialists of Germany; we called them NAZI, and we had a cold and hot war against the Soviet Socialists and their client states.  We called them Communists.  When our allies try these socialist policies the term Socialist is politically for foreign countries.  Socialism has never worked and never will.  It requires a strong central government to steal from the workers to give to the non workers, and it takes gun control away from the people.  Most people will defend their property if they are armed.  Getting back to titles, Socialist is not a politically acceptable term yet for the United States so we call them Democrats.  Socialism, the Bill of Rights to protect us from oppressive government, and the States rights (amendment 10) are the real issues which will determine the success and continuation of this representative democracy.

Don W. Creger CQE, CMfgE, LTC-USAR-RET.
Asst. Prof.

Engineering Technology Dept.

From the Webmaster:  A man named Carl Marx wrote a book called the Communists Manifesto.  This is the book that started all of the communists movements in the world.  In this book he stated that he could take a Democratic country and make it pay for the rope to hang itself.  And how do you do that?  Get the kids interested in sex, drugs and useless things and break up the family.  Is our media doing that.  Read this article about .  Why are the kids programs and cartoons so filled with sex and references to drugs?  They want your kids to make marriage a temporary thing breaking up the family, they want your kids on drugs, and if you watch these programs, you will see that anyone that is considered smart is also considered un-cool.  Be sure to watch FOX kids on Saturday morning.  Be sure to watch Prime Time TV and see what the teens are doing. 

If we don't start using the most powerful educational tool we have, "TV," in a way that supports a strong family bond and promotes education, we are going to lose our country.  This,  bad TV, is terrorism against our country in a cold war fashion.  Propaganda, Psychological Warfare, these are real terrorism methods being employed against America for many years now.  Can we see the results?  Do you know any kids that have died from drugs.  Do you know any families that have been divorced?   Do you know of any kids who don't know who their Dad's are?  Do you know of any single parent families?  You bet you do and this is something that was rare forty years ago.  But these enemies are getting stronger and getting their ways.

I know Don Kreger, the author of the article above, and he is one of the finest and most knowledgeable persons that I know.  All I can say is when he tells me something he is not just a blow hard speaking without any thought or background and I listen to him.

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.


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