Are YOUR KIDS watching Dangerous Cartoons or playing Dangerous Video Games?

The Wrong Army, or the Wrong War.

There's always someone saying that we have the Wrong Army.  But it's really, The Wrong War.  We are fighting the Wrong War.
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We have Foreign Enemies, 
but do we have Domestic Enemies?



american veterans need to look at cartoons like south park, pjs, the simpsons and family guy,  fox tv is a problem

What kind of cartoons are building the minds of our kids today.

The follow cartoons are filthy, perverted and filled with references to drugs, and your kids think they are great.  I need your help.  Please send me an email with your comments, experiences and information about the producers of cartoons on this page, or if you would like to add a new cartoon listing to this page.


  This is a cartoon, sitcom, about a black family living in public housing.  It makes me mad, real mad.  Fox TV and Eddie Murphy needs to be sued and have criminal charges placed against them for allowing this program on their network.  The fox link below talks about benefits to their advertisers.  Lets give them some benefits with letters to the advertisers stating that we will not buy any of their products ever again if they continue to put programs like this on their stations.

One day when I saw my very first PJ's cartoon I was totally astonished to hear the following content.

They did a parity on Abbott and Costello's, Who's on First,  skit, except they changed the skit to be who's on crack, who's on crank, and who's on coke.  Is this what you want your kids to be learning as a fun thing to be talking about.  Coke, Crack and Crank are all dangerous drugs and Eddie Murphy is making it fun for the kids.  In the skit they were named Crackhead, Crankhead and Cokehead.

This is an Eddie Murphy created cartoon.  Is Eddie Murphy also importing drugs, coke, crank and crack?  If not, why is he advertising drug use to our kids. We call it freedom of speech but this is the case where a company is making money by selling ideas to kids.  When the speech is driven for profit, it is no longer free speech, you are paying for it and your kids lives and futures are being affected.  Also, if this is a freedom of speech, what are they trying to say.   What this program is saying is They want money,  They don't care about your kids health, life, or future.   Fox TV and Eddie Murphy Productions should  fined for distributing drug related material and sexual material to your kids.  As Veterans, we all need to take an active part in writing to your congressman and local news papers to get this practice stopped.  These people are after your money and they don't care about you or your families.

PJs Directors, writers, actors
Eddie Murphy, creator and executive producer

Michael Paul Chan  (Jimmy Ho)
Loretta Devine  (Muriel Stubbs)
Janet Dubois  (Mrs. Avery)
Cheryl Francis  Harrington (Haiti Lady)
Jenifer Lewis  (Bebe)
Michele Morgan (Juicy)
Eddie Murphy (Thurgood Stubbs)
Pepe Serna (Sanchez)

PJs advertisers, Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers

PJs links

South Park
Did you ever look at the south park video game.  It has cheat codes so a kid can get extra power while they're playing.  The cheat codes are mostly filthy words and they direct this game and gaming sites using cheat codes to your kids.  Now when your kid is typing in cheat codes he is studying filth, is that what you want your kids to do.  I watched this little 11 year old kid build a website on cheat codes for south park.  He studied and studied different pages of south park cheat codes, all the time he was internalizing these filthy codes.


Family Guy
The very first time that I watched family guy I saw only the last ten minutes and this is what the characters said.  " We need a massive all girl sex orgy,  ---- we're all turning gay."  Is this what you what your kids to hear.  My girlfriends kids were listening to this program when I walked into the room   When the cartoon characters said this statement, the kids all laughed like it was amusing and normal.


I remember watching one of the Simpson's, briefly, where homer Simpson walks into a bar and says that he has too much testosterone.  Do your kids need testosterone?  Do your kids need to mimic anything that Homer and Bart Simpson  have to say?  Is the Simpson's free speech or is it a product to destroy your family and your kids and country's future!  Remember, these companies are out to make money and they don't care about your family or you.

 Click Here to read about Video Games Out of Control.

  Click Here, on this link and listen to this man, Brother Stair, and you will learn where we are heading.

Dear Ken and Annette,
Thank you very much for your continued letters of support for our country. Usually if a message says FW in the Subject line I will automatically delete it because it is a filthy, dirty waste of time. But the Fw's that you send are all great and right to the point. The Wrong Army is true, there are always critics, but people like this author and you and Annette are always the right army. Keep up the good work.
But what I really want to say is that it is the wrong war. Our children are constantly being bombarded with violent and perverted ideas, yet our government continuously looks the other way and calls it Freedom of Speech. What ever happened to responsibility of speech.
A twenty year old boy beats his whole family to death with a pipe. A young man and kills his girlfriends parents and runs away with her.  Kids kill their teachers in school. Where did all of that come from? It was the incredible violence on TV and in the video games that they are playing. Yet, you better not say the word Christ. Oh No. It might cause some perverted person to sue the government. It's not politically correct. When I signed up for the U.S. Navy I swore under the oath of God to protect my country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Yet our families are being destroyed. Our kids are under the chemical attacks of drugs. Even the right of a preacher to read out of the Bible that homosexuality is wrong is a crime. But Bill Clinton says that these other countries must have our morals. What morals is he talking about. Does he mean that we all should call Monica for a good time? Does he mean that our kids cartoons should be perverted? Does he mean that all of the kids should play Grand Theft Auto? That's what's happening. And we wonder why crime is on the rise and enlistment in the military is on the decline and why other countries want to blow us up. I wonder why. But, no matter what, you better not say the word Christ or God. Oh, No.
I'm very sorry that I sound like I'm mad, because I'm not mad, I'm real mad. We need to fight these terrorist that are eating up our country from within before we don't have a country. But our government makes too much money on crime. There is the Legal Industry with all of the super high paid lawyers that we need to keep feeding. There's the Criminal Justice Industry that we need to keep pumping out more criminals. And there's the Crime Prevention Industry that needs to keep Big Brother growing. We cannot let these industries decrease in size or the Lawyers cannot keep their big mansions and Mercedes.
Sorry that I sound mad, because I really want to sound real mad.
It's all true, we are losing our country, bit by bit.
Thank you for sending your Fw's. I always wear a Navy hat and a lot of people come up to me and say "Thank You"
It's true.
Thank you very much.

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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