Are YOUR KIDS watching Dangerous Cartoons or playing Dangerous Video Games?

The World Trade Center Bombing 911.   

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Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder,
We're Coming
You better sleep with one eye open,
We're Coming

We are Americans and Bombing the World Trade Center didn't change the fact that we still have the American Spirit,  Look out Osama!

Sleep tight, if you can.  We're coming, the 911 World Trade Center Bombing is just an eye opener.!

Do you think we are going to let the 911 bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon slow us down.  No way! 

This is just Awaking a Sleeping Giant.  Our military might is now being aligned with our legal might.  Our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are now Joining our FBI, CIA and local Police Forces and creating the most organized, coordinated, incredible powerful force on the planet earth.  We will now wipe out terrorist everywhere on the planet.  We're not just after Osama, we are after all of those Piss Ass Little Twerps who think that they can kill innocent people and use their religion to back them up.  Just watch, you will see.  Do you think this is going to cause an American or even a World Depression?  No way, we are just reorganizing to grow the greatest economic boom ever in history.  Just wait until all of those military manufacturers start to gear up.  Unemployment will disappear and we will see more economic growth than we ever can imagine.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, unfortunately, economic growth through the use of war is unsustainable and not a good thing for anyone except the very rich.

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military history rarely describes the meaning and story behind taps

We have Foreign Enemies
but do we have Domestic Enemies?
You bet we do!  Just watch
Saturday morning cartoons,
They're after our kids and the Future of our Country

  The Rapture Forum

taps came from both the confederate army and the union army during the civil war


  Patriotism... for an 18 year old its not bad!

Hit and Miss Diplomacy:  a letter to the terrorists

Charles Brennan, 18
Windrose, So. Florida

 Well, you hit the World Trade Center, but you missed America.  You 
hit  the  Pentagon, but you missed America.  You used helpless American  bodies to  take out other American bodies, but like poor marksmen, you still 
missed   America.



Because of something you guys will never understand.  America isn't  about  a building or two; not about financial centers; not about military  installations.  America isn't about a place.  America isn't even about a  bunch of bodies.  America is about an IDEA.  An idea that you can go  someplace where you can earn as much as you can figure out how to earn, live  for the most part like you envisioned living, and pursue happiness. 

(No  guarantees that you'll reach it, but you can surely try!)  Go ahead and whine your terrorist whine and chant your terrorist litany  'If you can not see my point then feel my pain'.  This concept is alien  to  Americans.  We live in a country where we don't have to see your point,  but you are free to have one. We don't have to listen to your speech,  but  you're free to say one.  Don't know where you got the strange idea that  everyone  has to agree with you.  We don't agree with each other in this country;  almost as a matter of pride.  We're a collection of guys that don't  agree  called States.  We united these individual states to protect 
ourselves  from tyranny in the world; another idea that we may up on the spot. 

You  can  make it up as you go when it's your country, if you're free enough. Yeah, we're fat, sloppy, easy-going goofs most of the time.  That's an  unfortunate image to project to the world, but it comes from feeling  free and easy about the world that we live in.  It's unfortunate too, because  people start to forget that when you attack Americans, they tend to  fight  like cornered badgers.  The first we knew of the War of 1812 was when  England burned Washington D.C. to the ground.  Didn't turn out like  England thought it was going to and it's not going to turn out like you  think either.  

  Sorry, but you're not the first bully on our shores, just the most  recent.  No Marquis of Queensbury rules for Americans either.  We were the First  and so far the only country in the world to use nuclear weapons in  anger.  Horrific idea nowadays?  News for you bucko, it was back then too, but  we  used it anyway!  Only had two of them in the whole world and we used 'em  both.  Grampa Jones worked on the Manhattan Project. 
Told me once that  right up until they threw the switch, the physicists were still arguing  over whether the Uranium alone would fission or whether it would start a  fissioning chain reaction that would eat up everything!  But they threw  the switch anyway, because we had a War to win.  Does that tell you something about American resolve?

So who just declared war on us?  It would be nice to point to some real  estate, like the good old days.  Unfortunately, we're probably at war  with  random camps in far-flung places who think they're safe.  Just like the Barbary Pirates did, IIRC.  Better start sleeping with one eye open.

There's a spirit that tends to take over people who come to this country,  looking for opportunity, looking for liberty, looking for freedom.  Even  if they misuse it.  The Marielistas that Castro emptied out of his  prisons  were overjoyed to find out how much freedom there was.  First thing that they did when they hit our shores was to run out and buy guns.  The ones that  didn't end up dead ended up in prisons again.  It was a big PITA then  (especially  in south Florida), but you're only the newest PITA, not the first.

You guys seem to be incapable of understanding that we don't live in  America; America lives in us!  American Spirit is what it's called and  killing a few of thousand us, or a few million of us won't change it.  Most of the time, it's a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of spirit, until we're  crossed in a cowardly manner.  Then it becomes an entirely different  kind of spirit.

Wait until you see what we can do with that spirit this time.

Sleep tight, if you can.  We're coming.

This letter was sent to me from Audrey & George,   Thank you very much.

On Sun, 23 Sep 2001 18:30:06 EDT, Leslie  wrote:

  Thank you for a sounding board.  Those ninnies who struck the WTC and killed all of those Americans, have opened a can of worms.  The American build up I feel is just beginning.  We are fighting cowards and the only way to flush out  cowards is by finding their lairs and bombing the hell out of them.   I personally did not loose a member of my family in the WTC disaster, but I am in mourning for these my fellow Americans.  I am proud to be an American and gladly fight for her in this war or any other.    GO AMERICA PUNISH THE BASTARDS LET THE WORLD KNOW WERE HERE TO FIGHT

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