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Permanent Magnet, Magnetic Motors Give Free Energy and Produce No Pollution.?

  A Discussion and Link Page for Magnetic Motors. Do Magnetic Motors really exist or are they just perpetual motion machines that are used to amuse your friends.  This page will give links and comments so you can learn the truth about Magnetic Motors and Perpetual Motion Machines.  Look at the pictures and videos of these permanent magnet motors.  Perendev Magnet Motor,  Magnetic Engines, Perpetual Motion.
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Perpetual Motion Machines or Magnetic Motors?

The question is, do we have the technology to make a motor that will never quit, never cause pollution, never use fuel and will give us enough energy to power our cars and houses without emitting Greenhouse Gases?  In these following links it looks like we do indeed have this technology, but it is not economically feasible because the oil companies cannot make money if these motors are actually developed.  When you watch the videos, you will notice that these are not just toys, they really develop a lot of power.
Wayne German Tethered Airfoils
Perendev is Tooling Up for Magnetic Motor Mass Production in Europe

All-magnet motor poised to be first to reach market.  German manufacturer licensed to manufacture 20 kw unit for Europe and Russia. 


Phone: +49 89 620 30060
Fax: +49 89 620 30061
E-mail: sales@perendev-power.com

Cycclone.com   Look at this Magnetic Motor Video.  This is free energy with a major power output. 
Magnetic Motors Really Work, Click Here to See Hundreds of Free Videos



Australian Magnetic Motor




Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Magnetic motor Armageddon




magnet motor by cycclone.com

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Look above at this Fantastic Airplane that Doesn't Use Fuel

This airplane flies and uses no fuel.  It basically uses Gravity as the Engine.

Incredible-Adventures Fighter Jet Screen Saver  



On the Youth of America

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An Article by the webmaster


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