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H-53 Super Stallion Model Helicopter.
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    H-53 Super Stallion Helicopter Models.

H-53 Sea Stallion Model Helicopters, Plastic Model Kits, Diecast Model Display Models..   

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H-53 Super Stallion Helicopter Models


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      CH-53 Super Stallion Helicopter Everything    
This 3-engined helicopter is the largest in service with US forces and is used  extensively by the Marine Corps for carrying troops and supplies. The CH-53 can  carry up to 16 tons making it one of the most powerful helicopters in the world  today.

The HH-53 series helicopters were designed for transporting large loads of troops and  supplies, but were also adapted for a search and rescue role. During the Vietnam war, HH-53s rescued many downed U.S. airmen saving them from capture.

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