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H-500 Model Helicopters.

Hughes H-500 Helicopter Model
Hughes H-500 Helicopter Model.
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    H-500 Helicopter Models.

Real Nice models of the Hughes H-500.  These helicopter models make a great addition to a Dad's office or Kids bedroom.

Click Here are many more names for the Hughes 500 Helicopter.  it is also called the Hughes' model 369, also known as the OH-6A "Cayuse," or "Loach" in military configuration. Originally built as a (LOH) Light Observation Helicopter for use in the Vietnam War, it was used as a scout ship in "Pink Teams," paired with the awesome AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter. In the civilian world, the 500 is used for a wide range of missions, including, rescue, utility, survey, tours, police and transportation.

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Manufacturer Hughes (McDonnell Douglas)
Role ASW, scout, antitank, multi-mission, rescue, police
Blades Main rotor: 4
Tail rotor: 2
Rotor diameter 26 ft, 4 in (8 m)
Length Length (rotors turning): 30.8 ft.
Length (fuselage): 24.9 ft.
Height 8.5 ft.
Width 6.2 ft.
Rotor Diameter Main Rotor Diameter: 26.2 ft.
Weight Maximum Gross: 2,400 lbs. Empty: 1,400 lbs.
Engine Allison 250-C18
Fuel Internal: 352 lbs.
Internal Aux Tank: 125 lbs.
Speed Maximum (level): 130 knots
Cruise: 119 knots
Range Normal Load (est.): 260 nm
Ceiling Service: 15,000 ft.
Hover (out of ground effect): 6,000 ft.
Hover (in ground effect): 8,500 ft.


Allison 250-C18/T63-700 Specification Engine Specifications
Power Output 317 Bhp (C18) 420 Bhp (C20)
RPM 52,000 (Compressor) 35,000 Power
Compressor Turbine, O/P Shaft 6,000 rpm Impeller 6 Stage Axial with Bleed Valve + Centrifugal
Combustion Chamber Single Can with Single Burner, Rear Mounted Side
Compressor Turbine 2 Stage Axial
Power Turbine 2 Stage Axial with 5.8:1 reduction gear
Layout Twin Spool Turboshaft with combined accessory and output gearbox
Oil Spec MIL-L-7808, Aeroshell 390
Weight 158 Lbs
Dimensions L 41in, W 21in, H 24in
Applications Helicopters: Jet Ranger, OH58, AS355, BO 105, A109 Also Turbo-prop A/C


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