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Here is a list of models and books about the USS George Washington Supercarrier, Aircraft Carrier.  The USS George Washington, CVN-73, was the fourth  US Navy ship to be named the Washington.  The third ship to be named after President Washington is a submarine SSBN-598 which was launched on June 9th, 1959.   The second ship to be called the USS George Washington was a German ocean liner, launched in 1908, which was taken over and converted into a troop transport by the Navy during World War 1 and which was finally sold for scrap in 1951.  The first George Washington was purchased on October 12th, 1798 and served for less than four years and was sold in May of 1802.

The current ship, USS George Washington CVN-73 was built in Newport News Virginia.  The keel was laid on August 25th 1986.  Her launch date was July 21st 1990.  The Washington's delivery date was June 8th, 1992 and she was commissioned on July 4th 1992.  The USS George Washington is 1092 feet long, 252 feet wide, on the flight deck, sits 41 feet deep in the water, has a waterline length of 1040 feet, a water line beam of 134 feet, has a light displacement of 80,376 tons

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USS Washington CV-73 1/720 Scale Models
The 6th Nimitz class (CVN-73) carrier the USS George Washington started to serve in the U.S. Navy in July of 1992.  The ship was named after the former U.S.  President Mr. George Washington.  The USS George Washington belong to the U.S. Atlantic naval force and took part in the Gulf war.  The standard draft of Washington is 81,600 Tons, and her full draft is 96,300 Tons, the higest speed is 33 knots. The full length of the carrier is 332.9 meters and the width is 40.8 meters, its draft is 11.3 meters. The length of the flight deck is 333.9 meters, the length of angle deck is  237.7 meters, the width of flight deck is 76.8 meters. The personnel formation is 3184 and the regiment is 2800. The power device uses 4 turbine generator, 2 water compressed piles and 4 shafts and propellers, the total power output capacity of these steam turbine engines is 280 thousand horse power.  The ships self sufficient endurance is 16 days.    The ship can perform the war duty under level 6 class sea condition and can travel safely under a level 12 typhoon.


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