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USS Bogue CVE-9
The USS Bogue CVE9 Aircraft Carrier from World War 2 was a step above the previous aircraft carriers in the US Navy.

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The USS Bogue CVE-9 fought in WW2.  A total of 45 ships of the class were built. USS Bogue (CVE-9) was the lead ship in the Bogue-class of escort aircraft carriers in the United States Navy during World War II. She was laid down on 1 October 1941 as Steel Advocate (hull 170) under Maritime Commission contract by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding in Tacoma, Washington. She was originally classified AVG-9, but was changed to ACV-9, 20 August 1942; CVE-9, 15 July 1943; and CVHP-9, 12 June 1955.

The success of using aircraft carriers brought tremendous firepower to the US Navy and Naval ground support.  An Aircraft Carrier is a battle force in itself bringing the fight to the enemy.  These model ships of the USS Bogue, CVE9 bring the history of the Navy into your home.  Building models are also a super training ground for kids, learning about construction technology and navy history all at the same time.  Building a model ship is the ultimate training tool for any kid in any family as well as bringing hours of enjoyment and fun in building models and showing the models after they were built.  If you want a smart kid, start him or her building models.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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 USS Bogue CVE-9 Aircraft Carrier






USS Bogue Plastic Model Kit

USS Bogue 1/700 Kit
Plastic Model Ship Kit

This detailed plastic waterline kit of the Escort Carrier CVE-9, the USS Bogue, features engraved surfaces; a variety of armament; an optional position forward elevator; a fleet of sixteen aircraft including Corsairs, Hellcats, Helldivers and Avengers; flight deck vehicles; and a choice of markings for other Bogue-class carriers. 8" long; assembly required.

Closing the Gap
Don Feight. Aviation Art Print
CVE-9 USS Bogue

Filling a gap in the Atlantic that land-based aircraft could not, Escort Carriers equipped with Grumman Avengers and Wildcats protected the lifeline convoys sailing from North America to England in WWII. Print depicts the USS Bogue (CVE-9) escorted by these bombers and fighters, in a calm moment. In all, the Escort Carriers and their crews used in the Battle of the Atlantic sunk fifty-four German u-boats. Limited edition of 500, signed and numbered by the artist. 28"x 22".


USS Bogue CVE-9

The Bogue class escort carriers were based on the Type C3 cargo ship hull of the Maritime Commission. Most were built by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corporation, but some of the early examples were produced by Ingalls Shipbuilding of Pascagoula, Mississippi and by the Western Pipe and Steel Company of San Francisco, California. They all were named for sounds, and were equipped with derricks for retrieving seaplanes. Most of the ships of the class were transferred to the Royal Navy under the provisions of the Lend-Lease program; they were given new names for their RN service and returned to the U.S. Navy after the war. The first group to be transferred were known by the RN as the Attacker class; in their place replacements were constructed with the same names for the American fleet. A second group of ships were built and sent almost in its entirety to the Royal Navy, known as the Ameer class or the Ruler class in British service, and sometimes as the Prince William class in the U.S. Navy.  

Navy The US Navy Type Escort carrier Class Bogue Pennant CVE 9 Built by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp. (Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.) Ordered Laid down 1 Oct 1941 Launched 15 Jan 1942 Commissioned 26 Sep 1942 End service 30 Nov 1946 History Decommissioned 30 November 1946. Stricken 1 March 1959. Sold and scrapped in Japan starting December 1960. Commands listed for USS Bogue (CVE 9) Please note that we're still working on this section. Commander From To 1 Capt. Giles Ezra Short, USN 26 Sep 1942 9 Jul 1943 (1) 2 Capt. Joseph Brantley Dunn, USN 9 Jul 1943 2 Jul 1944 3 Capt. Aurelius Bartlett Vosseller, USN 2 Jul 1944 5 Oct 1944 4 Capt. George John Dufek, USN 5 Oct 1944 7 Sep 1945 (1) You can help improve our commands section Click here to Submit events/comments/updates for this vessel. Please use this if you spot mistakes or want to improve this ships page. Notable events involving Bogue include: 22 May 1943 German U-boat U-569 was scuttled by her own crew in the North Atlantic, in position 50°40'N, 35°21'W, after being badly damaged by depth charges from 2 Avenger aircraft of the US escort carrier USS Bogue. 5 Jun 1943 German U-boat U-217 was sunk in the mid-Atlantic in position 30°18'N, 42°50'W by depth charges from an Avenger aircraft (VC-9 USN/T-11), assisted by a Wildcat aircraft (VC-9 USN/F-13), of the US escort carrier USS Bogue. 12 Jun 1943 German U-boat U-118 was sunk in the mid-Atlantic west of the Canary Islands, in position 30°49'N, 33°49'W by depth charges from eight Avenger aircraft of the US escort carrier USS Bogue. 23 Jul 1943 German U-boat U-527 was sunk in the mid-Atlantic south of the Azores during support of U-648, in position 35°25'N, 27°56'W, by depth charges from Avenger aircraft (VC-9) of the US escort carrier USS Bogue 13 Dec 1943 German U-boat U-172 was sunk on 13 December 1943 in the mid-Atlantic after a 27 hour fight west of the Canary Islands, in position 26°29'N, 29°58'W, by depth charges and Fido homing torpedoes from Avenger and Wildcat aircraft (VC-19) of the American escort carrier USS Bogue and by some 200 depth charges from the US destroyers USS George E. Badger, USS Clemson, USS Osmond Ingram and USS Du Pont. 20 Dec 1943 German U-boat U-850 was sunk in the mid-Atlantic west of Madeira, in position 32°54'N, 37°01'W, by depth charges and Fido homing torpedoes from 5 Avenger and Wildcat aircraft (VC-19) of the American escort carrier USS Bogue. 13 Mar 1944 German U-boat U-575 was sunk in the north Atlantic north of the Azores, in position 46°18'N, 27°34'W, by depth charges from the Canadian frigate HMCS Prince Rupert, the US destroyer USS Hobson the US destroyer escort USS Haverfield and by depth charges from a British Wellington and Fortress aircraft (Sqdn. 172/B and 206/R and 220/J) and Avenger aircraft of the US escort carrier USS Bogue. 24 Jun 1944 During the night of 23/24 June 1944 Avenger aircraft from USS Bogue sink the Japanese submarine I-52 (offsite link) with acoustic homing torpedoes in the Atlantic about 850 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands in approximate position 15°16'N, 39°55'W. More details about the sinking of I-52, including photos of the air attacks and other original documents can be found on our partner website I-52 sunk by VC-69 aircraft from USS Bogue on 24 June 1944 20 Aug 1944 German U-boat U-1229 was sunk in the North Atlantic south-east of Newfoundland, in position 42°20'N, 51°39'W, by depth charges and rockets from 3 Avenger and 2 Wildcat aircraft (VC-42) of the US escort carrier USS Bogue.



Please note: The background picture on this page was taken when I was stationed on theUSS Kitty Hawk in 1977-1978 in the Western Pacific.
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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