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A Photo of Liz Nelson on the North Pole.

North Pole Expedition Exhibit 2002.
C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
At 76, Liz Nelson is the oldest lady to go on a North Pole Expedition.
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North Pole Expedition 2002, 
A super nice lady on the North Pole.
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At 76, Liz Nelson is the oldest lady to go on a North Pole Expedition
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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North Pole Travel and Global Warming, What it Means to You

This is Liz Nelson from the United States standing on the North Pole. 

Well, next to the north pole.   At 76 years old, Liz is the oldest lady to visit the North Pole on an expedition.  Late in the summer an ice breaker takes people to the North Pole so there may have been older women who have been to this spot but there have been none older than Liz who have ever endured an expedition to the pole. 

When we were at Sredney Island, Liz kept falling down.  With all of the EXP equipment on it would be very difficult to get hurt so she was un-injured.   I was watching her very closely and realized it was because of the heavy boots she was wearing were causing her to stumble.  The simple solution was to point her toes up on every step which made a great help.

Liz is a real trooper.  She was crammed into teeny tiny rooms, froze to the bone, forced to walk long distances in extreme arctic conditions, stranded in a boring hotel room and many times totally neglected by the younger expedition members and she never complained even once.  This is the true definition of a trooper.  In fact, I looked up the word trooper in the dictionary and it had Liz's picture in there.

I kind of learned this from shoe skiing.  This is where you are running down a very steep mountain slope as fast as you can and you come onto a large area of snow.  If you jump into the air and point your toes in the air, you will land and begin skiing without skis.  This is a fantastic feeling with tremendous turning ability.   Well, that was the good ole days, I really don't recommend it to anyone because the steepness of the slopes are very dangerous.




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