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EAA Review, Chapter 350 member brings the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association Flag the North Pole.

North Pole Expedition 2002.
Expedition Team On the Geographical North Pole - A tremendous Adventure
Now the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has made it to the North Pole.
North Pole Page 8.  This is the EAA Flag that you see in the photo below.
  North Pole page 8

North Pole Expedition 2002, Picture of the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association, 
Flag on the Geographic North Pole, C. Jeff Dyrek


Now the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has made it to the Geographic North Pole with their Flag, EAA Review of C. Jeff Dyrek, YellowAirplane Online Museum.  Look at the photo of the EAA Flag.  On the left is Fernando Cabral and on the right is Jeff Dyrek.

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The EAA flag on the north pole.
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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North Pole Travel and Global Warming, What it Means to You

This is the first EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) flag on the north pole and I may, very possibly, be the first EAA member to ever visit the pole.  

 Fernando is the man on the left and I am on the right. 

A Webmasters comment about the EAA Sport Aviation Magazine.  They did not print the article of this historic event, even though they allowed me to carry the flag all the way through Siberia and to the Geographic North Pole.  The reason that they didn't print the article was that it was not grass roots.  Now tell me, if an EAA member takes the EAA's Flag all the way to the Geographic North Pole, that's not grass roots?  Give me a break.  I was a EAA News Letter Editor and Web Editor, plus an IAC Newsletter Editor and Web Editor.  I worked super hard on this expedition and since I'm disabled, I really worked harder than I was able.  It amazes me that they can make a big issue out of a Young Eagle taking a flight, but taking the EAA Flag to the Geographic North Pole is insignificant.  Do you want to see what it's like to be a disabled vet?  Click Here and watch this 43 second movie.   To tell you the truth, I put years of hard work into the EAA and the IAC.  As I have said above, I'm a disabled veteran, I live in a garage with no running water or toilet.  Life gets tough, real tough, and it's a terrible shame that my efforts mean nothing to the EAA.




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