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The Pitts is an Aerobatic Biplane not a Stunt Plane

As part of the How to build an aerobatic biplane series at Yellow Airplane, Pitts pilots don't like it being a Stunt Plane, it is an Aerobatic Biplane




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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

Plane Built By Roger Smith

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This is another view of the Pitts on its stands while were putting the wings on. 

The milk crate is used for a step to make it easier to reach into the cockpit.

There are some words that airplane builders and Pitts pilots don't like.  One is calling the Pitts a Stunt Plane.  The prefer to call it an aerobatic biplane.  Another things not to do when looking at a Pitts biplane project.  Don't say, "It's just like building a model"  This so much more complex than a model biplane that saying that it's like building a model is implying that it won't take a lot of work or very much time.  Also, if you're a salesman, stay home you will have a better day!


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