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Cutting the holes for the landing wires on the Pitts

How to build kitplanes.  The Pitts has two sets of wires on the wings, flying wires and landing wires here's how to with great airplane pictures


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Roger is cutting the holes for the landing wires where are opposite of the flying wires

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

Plane Built By Roger Smith

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The next step is to cut the holes for the landing wires.    This is another step that must be carefully thought out before you perform the actual operation because if you make a mistake, you will have a big repair job ahead of you. 

Landing wires hold the wings up during landing, while sitting on the ground and when pulling negative G's.  flying wires go from the bottom longeron to the top wing and are used to hold the wings down when flying and doing positive G's.  This is one reason that biplanes are able to pull the high G's with only small wooden spars.  The combination of the Landing Wires and the Flying Wires along with the struts create a box section truss with the wires being the triangular components.




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