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Y-I-BET.  The Swiss Family Guilliams Watch the Blue Angels, US Navy Aerobatics Team.

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Swiss Family Guilliams Watch the US Navy Blue Angels.

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Blue Angels, US Navy Aerobatics Team.
Quad Cities Air Show 2006.

in the Yellow Airplane Museum.

No one has set me down and told me how to be successful.  This is why we went to an air show to see the US Navy, Blue Angels, Aerobatics Team.

Watching the Blue Angels is the greatest show on Earth.  The sounds and the vibrations that the Blue Angels Jet Fighters create when they go into afterburner rattle you right to the bones.  Watching the Blue Angels not only rattle your bones, the drive the idea of perfection, teamwork and technology deeply into the most inner parts of our minds.  This is what every family needs.  Every family needs to have hobbies,  learning excitement, and educational games as part of their lives.  If we would be strong to these kinds of ideas, our kids will push to the top of their fields in the most complex areas that we can imagine.  It makes a difference.  It really does.
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On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

Photo of Tonya in a US Army Jeep, she is one of the Guilliams Girls
Picture  By C. Jeff Dyrek
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Since 1946, the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron has taken performance flying to new levels, breathtaking delta and diamond formations, precision rolls, knife-edge passes, and even their signature Fleur de Lis.


When the Blue Angels came out everyone was at awe.  The aerobatic maneuvers and tight formations kept every person on their toes.   Watching the best inspires the best within us.  This is why every kid and every family should attend as many air shows as they can.  When you go to an air show, you will remember it all of your life.  You will never forget an air show.  And, as I've said, watching the best, inspires the best from within us and it will bring the best out of you.  By using positive role models, along with the fantastic impressions left inside after going to an air show, both kids and adults become advanced in every parts of their lives and learning ability.  It's true.  The Guilliams family will always see the world from a new perspective from this day on.


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Blue Angels 2007 Calendar0080077</td>

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Since 1946, the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron has taken performance flying to new levels. In this magnificent, full-color wall calendar, you'll enjoy their breathtaking delta and diamond formations, precision rolls, knife-edge passes, and even their signature Fleur de Lis. Measures 12"x 12" and includes a 6-month planner page with a bonus image.

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  Read this Article, by C. Jeff Dyrek,  at The American Veterans Network,
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Twenty years of Alpha Jet
in the Belgian Air Force.

Marc Arys has put this exhibit together very well with great diagrams and photos of the Alpha jet.
by Marc Arys
Exhibit Added 6-April-2001
GUILLOWS B-24D LIBERATOR  Giant 1/28 scale Wingspan of 48.5


Working with people is what we all need to do.  Every man is a man regardless of where he grew up and what he was taught.  Every woman is a person too, no matter where she has come from or what she was also taught. 

When we think about what our kids are being taught today, what kind of society are we going to have when they become men and women and start running our country and the world.  Every adult has the responsibility to set a good example to every kid and every person, no matter where they were born or where they have come from.   The Golden Rule is to Treat Everyone as if You Would Have Them Treat You.  We are all created equal and we must treat everyone as an equal too. 

Take a look at our TV sets today.  Listen to the music that our kids are listening to today.  Almost nothing has morality or has educational value.  In fact, most programs and songs teach disrespect, hate, violence, and sexual immortality.   On the streets there is violence, danger and drugs.  Education is being taught as being un-cool.  Being cool is to be a foul mouth tough guy who is heavily involved in drugs.  This is all negative feedback that is being pushed onto our society by both inside and outside forces, plus buy the copycats who are making money or just trying to be someone cool themselves. 

We have our troops fighting terrorism overseas, but how are we fighting terrorism right here in the United States?  It's sort of like how are we going to get the splinter out of someone else's eye, when we can't even get the log out of our own eye!  We need to start fighting the violence right here in America.  We need to fight the drugs and everything that is causing our problems right here at home.  This is why the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America Program was formed to begin with.   This program was created as a way for kids to learn things that they never even knew about before.  It teaches that there is a standard way to make your life richer and better.   With the high intensity activities combined with variety and spaced repetition, the psychological impact on these kids will be moved in a totally positive direction, pointing the kids in the right way to give them their very best start in life.

When I took a course in fire fighting, while in the US Navy, they said, "don't spray the flames, spray the source of the fire."  Our police are seeing a higher and higher crime rate in our country and they are doing everything that they can to stop the crime and to protect all people.  Even though their job is a necessary part of stopping crime, they are only spraying the flames but missing the source of the fire.  The source of the fire is what we are teaching our kids.  The negative feedback that our TV and Radio is showing to our kids is the programming of their minds and the condensation nuclei which will generate the way that they will react to any situation, as well as with the formation of their overall ideology.  It is important to teach our kids not to have a foul mouth: To have education and technology as a hobby:  and to do your fair share of work through both physical effort and an educational effort.  "Work harder on yourself than you do the money, money is attracted and not pursued," as Ed Beckley once put it.  But the benefits of this work on all parts of your life, not just on money. 

With the Y-I-BET Program we are spraying our fire hoses directly at the source of the flames.  We are replacing the street education with the ideas of learning by doing new things.  We go to Air Shows, Races, Airports, Military Bases, Museums or just for a walk through the country.   We have found that it's not only the kids that need to be trained, but it's the parents that need training too.  Education and self improvement must be a way of life being incorporated into the form of our pleasures and entertainment.    Read through the following pages and look at what we have done throughout the years for the betterment of our people, community and country.   Thank you very much,  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.  www.YellowAirplane.com

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