Dornier Alpha Jet Fighter Online Museum Exhibit

Photo of Loading the 30mm DEFA 553 Canon on the Alpha Jet, Jet Fighter, Jet Trainer.

loading the cannons on the Dornier Alpha Jet, Jet Fighter
Page 8

20 years of Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force.
by Marc Arys.

Foto de Carga de la DEFA de 30 mm Canon 553 en el Alpha Jet, Jet Fighter, reactor de entrenamiento.

Alpha Jet Jet Fighter Model Airplanes

This is page 8 of the Alpha Jet Exhibit.  30 mm Cannons.

Loading the 30mm DEFA 553 canon on the Belgian Alpha Jet Trainer, Jet Fighter.  The 30mm cannon packs a real big punch which can even take out a tank.  The Jet Fighter version of the Alpha Jet works very well as a close ground support aircraft.
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This is another photo from the Book

20 years of Alpha Jet
in the Belgian Air Force

by Marc Arys



In the following pages you will
see the many photo's and the history of the 
Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force

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Loading the 30mm DEFA 553 canon on the Alpha Jet Dornier Jet Fighter
Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Loading the 30mm DEFA 553 canon on the Alpha Jet, Jet Fighter.

This is one great book with showing every inch of the Alpha Jet from flight characteristics to armament to detailed photos of every part.   If you are a model builder, you absolutely need this book to get the proper configurations and paint schemes.  As the webmaster, I highly recommend this book.

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Alpha Jet Plane Models

Why is it important to look at airplanes?  Airplanes, especially planes like the P-47 thunderbolt show the rapid growth of technology in the world and in the United States that provided us with the great freedom that we enjoy today.  With this freedom comes responsibility.  The responsibility to learn all we can not only about airplanes or history, but about technology.  Technology is the most important product of the United States has today.  To keep our country on top of the worlds technology requires us to have the most trained workforce anywhere.  Aviation is important because aviation and aerospace both exhibit the limits of our technology. If our students learn about aviation they will be able to understand any field of work.  We must ensure that aviation, airplanes, aircraft and aerospace are words on all of our children's lips.
Airplanes create dreams.  Dreams of leaving the restriction of a two dimensional world.  Dreams of having freedom to travel anywhere, in any direction at any time and any distance. Aircraft give us the big advantage to do all of these things in only a short while.  When we dream of airplanes, we lift our heads to the sky.  We feel the pride of having limitless capabilities.  We don't pick up airplanes, airplanes lift us up and our minds are launched into new horizons.  We need airplanes and we need to keep airplanes in all of our minds.  Aviation gives our people an upward mobility that no other branch of technology can ever do.  As long as we feed our dreams, we have someplace to go.
C. Jeff Dyrek
Ref:  4-6-01


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