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Since the latest listing on this page, I have been published many times
with my North Pole Expeditions in various newspapers, magazines and television and radio spots.
As my time allows, I will add these items to this list.


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This page shows a list of the articles which I have written and where they were published, also many thanks to Dr. Bloemkr at WIU for the inspiration on all of the project layouts.
There have been many more articles written and published after the Jan. 1999 Date.  However, I have not had the time to add them to this list.


Jan 2009 Featured in Polar Times Magazine, Article By Moki Kokoris, Photos and seed for the article from my works studying the Dolgan Indians in Northern Siberia in 2002.  This was the on the 2002 North Pole Expedition through Siberia and Severnaya Zemlya.

Click on photo for full sized picture.


Headlines of the Galesburg Register-Mail Newspaper, Dyrek on the North Pole

Second Page of the North Page Article

June 17, 2002 Featured in the Headlines of the Galesburg Register-Mail Newspaper.  Bushnell Man finds trip to the North Pole a Life-Changing excursion.

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1 Jan. 1999  I became Newsletter Editor for IAC (International Aerobatics Club) Chapter 61 in Litchfield Illinois

Sep. 1998 I became the Web Page Editor for IAC (International Aerobatics Club) Chapter 61 
Click here to see Chapter 61's Web Page

May 1998 I became the Web Page Editor for EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter 350 in Monmouth Illinois    Click Here to see Chapter 350 Web page

4 May 1998 "A Truly Public Service"  This article was printed in the Macomb Journal.  This article was written about a car accident which I was in a couple of days earlier. 
Purpose:  Television, Newspapers, and Radio articles constantly bash our police forces.  I am tired of this because every police officer that I met was very polite, professional and there to help me in my time of need. 
Reaction: I was surprised how many of my friends read this article.  During one of the races which I announce, I had many people comment about its contents.

6 September 1996 "State Aerobatic Championships, Sept. 1996." Program Booklet printed by the, "International Aerobatics Club Chapter 61"

Notes: This was the Second Complete Program Information Booklet this summer. 
Job Notes: 
20 Pages 4 Illustrations 9 Ad Layouts 1 Table Layout 
1 Form Layout 

State Aerobatic Championships Event Program 1996

7 June 1996 "Salem Regional aerobatic Contest, June 1996." Program Booklet printed by the, "International Aerobatics Club Chapter 61"
Notes: This was the Program Information Booklet given to pilots and crews at the Salem Regional Aerobatics Competition at the Salem Airport in Salem Illinois. 
Job Notes: These were the types of jobs which I was required to perform. 
20 Pages 5 Illustrations 15 Ad Layouts 1 Table Layout 
2 Form Layouts 1 Photo: "Brent Smith Working on Spar." 
IAC State Aerobatic Championships Event Brochure

February 1996 "Weiqun Li." Printed in the International Aerobatics Club Newsletter for Chapter 61 

Purpose: Really, a tribute to my best friend ever Miss Weiqun Li, a young lady from Beijing China who attended our club meeting the previous month. 
Reaction: This article was reprinted in a Chicago area chapter and we had many comments about this article also.

January 1996 "Bringing Home the Flag to America." Printed in the, "Sport Aerobatics," magazine. 

Purpose: To tell about my friend, Carlos Santiago, who came from Puerto Rico to America to live the American dream, and all of the hardships associated with it. 
5 Photos: 1) Carlos next to his beautiful Pitts Aircraft. 2) You can see the beautiful lines in this airplane. 3) Carlos displaying the Puerto Rican flag on his wing and on his Tee- Shirt. 4) The Cockpit in Carlos' Pitts 5) Carlos leaving his Pitts after landing with Brent Smith landing in the background.

January 1996 Sport Aerobatics Magazine Cover Photo.

19 September 1993 "Commentary" "Should TCI Cable pay local broadcasters to carry their signal? Printed in the Macomb Journal

20 December 1991 "Homosexual scene ruined good play." Printed in the Macomb Journal

Purpose: To alert area residents about what their local schools teaching.
Note: in this play two male actors were instructed to kiss each other on the lips. I was told from other students who participated in the production of the play that this kissing scene was not in the original script but that the instructor was homosexual and wanted to put this scene into the play anyway. 
Reaction: I had a lot of comments on this article. One minister from a Macomb area church stated that we must love one another.


Please Note, I have had many more articles published in both the Pit Stop and Illinois Speedway
Magazines.  For the Pit Stop Magazine, I was a Staff Writer and the New Products Editor. And
In the Illinois Speedway Magazine I was a Staff Writer and Photographer as well as the Regional Editor.


October 1991 "Becoming a Champion" Printed in the, " Illinois Speedway

Purpose: reprint of Previous article May 1991 

October 1991 "Hot Racing in the South." Printed in the, " Illinois Speedway

Purpose: Racing from Southern Illinois Raceway. 
1 Photo: Rick Pender #21

October 1991 "Hot Racing in the South." Printed in the, " Illinois Speedway

Purpose: Racing from Southern Illinois Raceway. 
1 Photo: Rick Pender #21

October 1991 "Quincy Go-Kart Grand Prix." Printed in the, " Illinois Speedway Magazine" 
To report on the annual Quincy Go-Kart Grand Prix.

August 1991 "Photo only" Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

1 Photo: Pam LeMay and Jeanna Williams pose with Brad Segers in the March of Dimes race car at the Illinois state Championship.

July 1991 "Driver Profile: Mike Douglas." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: Driver Profile 
2 Photos: 1) Jane & Mike Douglas, of Quincy Illinois. 2) Mike Douglas has a well equipped machine shop and knows how to use it.

June 1991 "New Products / Innovations." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: New Product news 
Cobra Chassis 
1 Photo: Brad Segers in his completed Cobra Chassis. Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

May 1991 "Becoming a Champion." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: To introduce the act of visualization as a form of racing practice. 
Result: Many racers experimented with this technique and found it favorable. 
Reaction: I had many positive comments about this article. Many readers told me that they read it several times. 
Conclusion: In an association magazine, too many articles are the same old driver profile or here are the results of the last race. Readers enjoy a variety of articles in their magazine.

March 1991 "New Products." Printed in the,"Pit Stop" magazine.

2 Products: 1) Head Gasket Eliminator 2) Low Rider Trailer

January 1991 "I Don't Believe In Giving Up." Printed in the, " Illinois Speedway Magazine" 

Purpose: " to tell the story of Mike Craft." 
Note: See November 1990 "True Love for racing."

January 1991 "Go Kart Fever." Printed in the, " Illinois Speedway Magazine" 

Purpose: Promote Go Kart racing.

December 1990 "After Season Racers." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: What do you write about a summer racing when it's December?

November 1990 "True Love for Racing, S.I.R. Raceway. Driver Profile: Courageous Mike Craft"Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: Driver Profile 
Mike Craft is a paraplegic race car driver & still one of the champs. 
Reaction: The Editor of Pit Stop magazine had many, many comments about this article and thanked me for writing it.

October 1990 "Leader of Leaders. Driver Profile: Robert Landes" Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: Driver Profile

September 1990 "New Products & Innovations." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Note: This is when I became the New Products Editorfor the "Pit Stop" magazine.
Purpose: To help our members expand their business and introduce new products and ideas. 
Reaction: I ran this column for 5 to 6 months. We didn't have a big turnout so we stopped the column. 
3 Photos: 1) Rafeal Tipton of Owensboro Ky. Concentration beyond compare. 2) Rick Pender Marion IL. 3) Steve Farner. Will he stay #1?

August 1990 "Southern Illinois Raceway." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: Information about the track and who supports the track. 
3 Photos: 1) Larry Trunnell and Rafael Tipton from Owensboro, Ky., 2) S.I.R. score keepers Kim Watson - BJ Via - Shara Sprague and Sandy Farner., 3) Cale Medler - driver of the Black Beauty"

June 1990 "Southern Illinois Racing Fever." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: No news is good news

2 May 1990 "Dyrek Racing Beneficial."Printed in the Benton, Kentucky, Tribune Courier as a result of a news release from me to the Tribune Courier. 

Purpose: To raise public awareness about the March of Dimes and the March of Dimes Race Team. (See may 1990 "March of Dimes Race Team.")

May 1990 "Southern Illinois Racing Kicks Off." Printed in the, "Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: To introduce some of the top riders and top Energy Release users to the Pit Stop readers. 
1 Photo: #1 Steve Farner at Southern Illinois Racing.

May 1990 "March of Dimes Race Team." Printed in the,"Pit Stop" magazine.

Purpose: to let people everywhere know about the March of Dimes and the March of Dimes Race Team. This team idea was originally conceived by my friend Mike Voorhees. However, in the Central States Region, I set up my own series of teams throughout Illinois. 

Results: I had my first magazine article printed in a National Association type of magazine. The editor was so pleased with this article that he asked me to write more articles for the association. Suddenly I have become a magazine writer and photographer. I am now a Energy Release salesman, a Race Team Leader, and now a writer and photographer not to mention that they also made me into a Race Track Announcer.
Reaction: This became a major news item in Southern Illinois and in the National Modified Midget Association. 
Conclusions: Yes. Great things really can be accomplished by a little thought and a lot of perspiration. 
3 Photos:  March of Dimes Race team car and trailer with my dog Mackenzie the Boone Dog.

May 1990 "Mt. Vernon Illinois Car Show." Printed in the,"Pit Stop" magazine, a magazine printed for the National Modified Midgets Association (NMMA). 

Purpose: to give results and comments to readers interested in the NMMA 
Reaction: many readers were pleased with the article especially #12, George Roth, who was featured as my best pick for the nicest car at the show. 
1 Photo: George Roth's car.

July 1988 "Let's Export." Printed in the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce Newsletter. 

Purpose: To inform other Chamber of Commerce members on the methods and services, which are virtually unknown, which are available to make their products easily exportable. 
Reaction: I had many comments at Chamber of Commerce meetings and luncheons. 
Conclusion: Just because people have a very successful business, it doesn't mean that they know every money making method that was available.

24 October 1987 "Stop Pushing Sex on TV." This article was printed in the Sacramento Bee in the Encore section. This article was a commentary on the October 11th episode of, "Star Trek. The Next Generation," where the entire crew became ill with an unknown disease causing everyone to go crazy. Many of the crew members became obsessed with sex. Data came staggering into the room apparently having a wild time. 

Purpose: I was concerned with the increase in promiscuous sex affecting not only our youth, but also myself and other adults. One statement that I made was, "We already have a problem with homosexuality is our next movement going to be bestiality?" 
My recorder was completely filled with violent threats from homosexuals. I had an old Radio Shack answering machine with a 90 minute cassette. It was filled to the end of the tape. Interestingly the last two calls were from a lady who said that she has a young girl just entering high school and that she was worried about her girls future. The machine timed her out so she called again to finish what she had to say, then the tape ran out. 
Conclusion: It's obvious, many homosexuals do not like anyone else to have a right of free speech. If a non homosexual speaks up against them, they will smash your house and kill your kids, among just about anything that you can imagine. I wish I would have kept that tape so I could show you a transcript from it!!!

24 July 1986 "How to be Rich Inside and Happy at Work." This article was printed in the "Intercom" the base newspaper for the Sacramento Army Depot. This article showed a list of forty things to do to improve yourself inside and in your workplace. 

Purpose: Our country is lacking in a consistent, uniform standard of morality. This article, "Which was a derivative of one of Joe Cossman's works covered the basic moral standards which make people happy and successful. 
I found copies of this article pinned up all over the base on bulletin boards and taped to many workers benches. Four years after this article was printed, there were copies of it still floating around various work areas. 
Conclusion: People do want guideline, and if more articles were published covering this area, it would be a good "lasting" thing.



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