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Why put magazine listings in a resume?   To stay on top of the new developments and techniques in your professional area, you must read periodicals in your field of interest.  This list helps define my field of interest and my knowledge areas.  Why should a student read magazines?  When you read two magazines in your field of interest for a period of four years, you will know the major companies in your area of interest.  You will know many of the important names in these areas, and in supplement to the training in your classes, you will be greatly advanced compared to other students who do not read magazines.  One other area of improvement that magazine reading creates is the idea of your professional jargon.  Reading magazines greatly improves your professional vocabulary (Jargon).  When you go for a job interview and you are already on top of the language of the business and it's cutting edge developments,  you will make a very big impression on your interviewer.

Click Here's a suggestion for teaching your kids.  Keep a magazine in a rack in the restroom.  The kids will read every page over and over. I've tried this experiment and it absolutely works for both kids and adults.  Also, keep a magazine or two on your coffee table.  These don't get looked at so many times, however the magazine cover is seen by everyone that sits in the living room.  The magazine creates subliminal impressions which later develop into thoughts and ideas.  But, be sure that the magazine is an educational type or the subliminal message will be the wrong message and will cause bad thoughts and ideas.


The following is a list of magazines which I have read on a regular basis. I have had subscriptions to other magazines but just didn't read very much in them so they didn't get listed.   Also, I have had magazine subscriptions to Air Progress and other types of magazines, but it was a long time ago and I just cannot remember all of them or how long. 

"Aviation Week & Space Technology," about 8 years subscription and 2 years reading at the library.

"Byte," 1 year subscription.

"Computer Shopper," 1 year subscription, and about 6 years of newsstand purchases.

"Popular Mechanics," about 5 years subscription, and 3 years of newsstand and library.

"Popular Photography," about 2 years.

"Popular Science," about 6 years subscription, and 3 years newsstand purchases.

"Scientific American," about 10 years subscription and many years of reading at the library.

"Sport Aviation," about 15 years

"Sport Aerobatics," about 10 years


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