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  Since I have made this list I have been working on learning to speak Russian as my major tape course of study.

I have listened to many different success, motivational, training, hypnotic, and subliminal tapes over a period of many years. This started in 1982 when a company, SMI (Success Motivation International), sent me a promotional tape, "Think and Grow Rich." It wasn't the type of message that I expected. This tape talked about becoming rich within yourself more than it talked about money. Ever since listening to Think and Grow Rich, I have been a tape junkie. My entire life has changed and the way in which I looked at others, the world and myself has completely changed, forever and for the better. I highly recommend that all people throw most of their music tapes to the dogs and listen to motivational tapes. You will be a better more fulfilled person and the world will be a better place.

In my opinion, if you are new to tape listening, just stay with the motivational, success, and special training tapes. The subliminal and hypnosis tapes are a waste of your money, no matter what their adds say. Also, you really don't know what is placed on these tapes and what will be placed into your head. For example, the subliminal tape "Relieve Stress and Anxiety," literally torqued my jaws. Instead of feeling relaxed after listening to this tape, and I did listen to it many, many times, my jaw muscles hurt for hours. On the other side of the coin, the subliminal tape "Body Building" gave me a desire for plenty of fresh water and no sodas. When I listened to the audible side, this was one of the suggestions which was communicated to the listener.

"A Fortune In Foreclosures," by Ed Beckley   4 tapes

"A New World of Listening" by Nightingale Conant Corp.

"Achieving Goals"

"The Art of Negotiation" by GenRad I. Nierenberg

"The Art of Relaxation" by Eric Tingstad
This is the Subliminal tape which literally torqued my jaws.  I'm not kidding, after listening to this tape, my jaws hurt.

"Body Building"
This is the Subliminal tape which gave me a noticeable difference in that I wanted water and not the soda's which I have been long addicted to.

"Charting your Dreams"

"Clearly Understanding" The Success Education Believers Group, by James E. Tolleson

"Creating Cash Now," by Ed Beckley   6 tapes

"Creative Listening"

"Effective Speaking"
This is a subliminal tape, I couldn't notice any benefit.


"The Excellence Challenge" by Tom Peters.
Even though I listened to this many times, it took many years to understand the true message. It's not just putting excellence in your business items, it's putting excellence in every aspect of your life: Keeping your house clean, keeping your language clean, and even keeping your thoughts clean (a hard thing to do with the movies and other media of modern America)

"The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino
This tape has a very unique message and is very entertaining.

"Free Government Loans"

"Free Government Services"

"Free Imagination"

"Get Going Pack," by Ed Beckley   2 tapes

"Get Unstuck & Get What You Want" by Harold Bloomfield, M.D. and Sirah Vettese Ph.D.
This is a self hypnosis tape.

"Have You Ever Had a Dream" by Jim Kling II
I have personally met Jim and have talked to him and his son, Jim Kling III, many times. They have both become personal friends and are some of my most respected people. The both work at Entech Corp. 1-800-234-6437

"How to Close Every Sale" by Joe Girard.
This tape along with his book, "How to Sell Anything To Anybody" are a must. They clearly show how a man with nothing but hard luck and no money can use his own efforts to become very wealthy. Thank you Joe.

"How to Close Sales and Win"

"How to Communicate" by Nightingale Conant Corp.

"How to Make Money In Your Own Business," by E. Joseph Cosman
11 Tapes, 1 Video, 3 workbooks, 1 Book
     1. How to Make Money in Your Own Business
     2. How to Find A Product Or Service
     3. How to Protect Your Product and Ideas
     4. How to Test the Sales Potential of Your Product
     5. How to Get Free Publicity on Your Product Your Company or Yourself
     6. 22 Ways to Sell your Product or Service
     7. How to Sell by Direct Mail
     8. How to Profit From Trade Shows
     9. How to Get Free Government Business Services
     10. Get Into Foreign Trade
     11. A personal Message From E. Joseph Cosman

This was absolutely the best course I have ever taken. Joe knows how to deliver the message to a layman like myself. I feel that I can fully trust everything that Joe has told me. Here are some of the accomplishments that I have achieved from taking this course and testing the ideas presented within this course: I have attained the exclusive rights to the sales of Lundquist Dog Food, I have attained the exclusive rights to the sales of a game named Circle Chess, I have had free news releases printed in at least sixty trade and consumer magazines, I have attended 6 trade shows and have been the manager at 3 of them, I have been a staff writer and Photographer for Pit Stop Magazine and Illinois Speedway Magazine, I became the new products editor for Pit Stop Magazine, I have had many stories published in newspapers, I have been Published in Sport Aerobatics Magazine, I have been a guest on several occasions on the WBYS talk show, I have had many free spots on several radio stations, I have appeared in 7 television news broadcast, I became a race track announcer and have announced at many tracks and fairs with many types of races over the past 8 years, I have visited many factories and received VIP treatment with personal tours through these factories, etc., etc., etc.

I'm not sure if you can still get this course, but if you can it is absolutely the best for a starting entrepreneur.

Cosman seminars
P.O. Box 4480
Palm Springs, CA. 92263

"How to Set Appointments by Telephone"

"How to Read a Person Like a Book"

"How to Run a Computer Based Business From Your Home"

"How to Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive" by Harvey Mackay.

"Keeping the Proper Perspective" by Brad Biegert

"Leads = Sales = Profits" by Comtel Broadcasting Corp. Which also goes by CBC

13 Harbor Town Center
Noblesvile, IN. 46060

I was not pleased with the service that I received from this company and would not recommend anyone doing business with them.

"The Magic of Thinking Big," by David J. Schwartz

"Networking." by Ty Boyd

"The New Lead The Field," by Earl Nightingale
6 tapes 12 chapters. All of these tapes were excellent plus. I listened to this set easily 100 times.

     1. The Magic Word
     2. Acres of diamonds
     3. A Worthy Destination
     4. Miracle of Your Mind
     5. Destiny in the Balance
     6. Seed for Achievement
     7. It's Easier to Win
     8. How Much Are You Worth
     9. Lets Talk About Money
     10. One Thing You Can't hide
     11. Today's Greatest Adventure
     12. The Person on the White Horse

"Negotiating the Game" by Herb Cohen

"No Fear of Failure"

"No Time - No Money" by Ron Ehn

"Peak to Peek" by Robert Schuller
From the International Executive Development Inc.
This tape was just average but the idea it conveyed about the Peak to Peek was great and stuck with me for many years.

"Potential Unlimited Success Through Goals - Direction to Dreams - Courage for Goals"

"Psychology of Selling," by Brian Tracey 6 tapes, 12 Chapters, 1 workbook

     1. The Psychology of Selling
     2. Developing A Powerful Sales Personality
     3. Why People Buy
     4. Creative Selling
     5. Approaching the Prospect
     6. The Sales Process
     7. The Psychology of Closing
     8. When Objections Get in the Way
     9. Winning Closing Techniques I
     10. Winning Closing Techniques II
     11. Managing Your Time Effectively
     12. 10 keys to Success In Selling

"Psychology of Winning" by Dennis Waitley   6 tapes 12 chapters
Nightingale Conant Corp.
7300 North Lehigh Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60648


This company is great, the people are polite and the products are the very best that you can imagine. This is one of the tape sets that I loaned out and never got back. I also have no backup. I listened to this over 100 times, it's GREAT!

"Re-inventing the Corporation" by John Naisbitt & Patricia Aburdene.
This tape really made me think

"The Road Ahead," by Bill Gates 2 Tapes.

"Self Motivation & Goal Direction"

"Selling Tax Benefits" by Joe Land      2 tapes
This tape was a waste of time.

"Special Time Savers - Rewards of Time Control"

"Success Through Self Confidence" by Beverly Nadler

"Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
I have listened to three different versions of this tape at a total of over 200 times and have read the book.
This is the first success tape that I have ever listened to and it has set me off to a new world of ideas, pleasures and friends.

"Visualization, the Dream Machine"

"What They Don't Teach You in Harvard Business School" by Mark McCormak

"The Winning Difference - Twenty Minutes that can Change Your Life"
by Nightingale Conant Corp.

"Winning Strategies - No Fear of Failure"

"The Worlds One Perfect Business" - Real People - Real Money by Ken Robert's

"Your Gold Mine" by Dennis Waitley

"20 Minutes to Financial Success" by SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corporation)

One thing that I learned was, "Do not loan your tapes out!" Most people don't listen to them anyway, they just say they will. And, most people will loan them to someone else and tell you that you never gave them one of these tapes. Luckily, after working as a computer programmer for many years, I learned to make backup copies of my tapes. So I was able to retain, at least, a copy.

I have offered or suggested tapes to many people who are trying to get ahead themselves, but many times the reply is one of the following: I don't like anyone to tell me what to do. or they are just people making money by selling you these tapes. Yes, they do make money selling these tapes, but believe me, these people have been around the block several times. You can learn a tremendous amount by listening to their ideas and experiences without beating your head against the wall trying to duplicate their successes and their mistakes. It's like a man, Joe Cosman, said in one of his tapes, "When you stand on the shoulders of someone who has been there, you can see much farther." To be a good leader you must be a good follower, and to be a good follower you must be a good listener.

The following is a list of the tapes which I currently own.I listened to most of these tapes at least twenty times and some tapes and tape sets over 100 times. There are quite a few tapes which I have borrowed that I cannot remember their names and are not listed.

There is an electronic device used in computer circuits called a FIFO for First In First Out. Well, there is another device called a GIGO for Garbage In Garbage Out. This device is in your brain and the acronym is true, if you put garbage in you get garbage out. In other words, if you listen to most of the modern movies, videos, and tapes, you are putting garbage in. If you listen to positive thinking and instructional tapes, you have positive thoughts for an output. I am telling you the truth. Most people would rather listen to junk videos and music containing slander and gossip than do anything to improve themselves. Lee Quan Yue, former President of Singapore said a very important thing. With all of the new technologies that we now have we must program ourselves to use these new technologies effectively. These tape series are what everyone needs to effectively program ourselves for the future.

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