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I'm not going to list the fiction books that I've read, but, I've only read about 15 of them. My favorite fiction author, however, was Charles Nordhoff.  As far as high school and grade school text books go, I did not list them because most of the time I was too stupid to know that it was important to read them and didn't read them anyway.  But things are different now, I have come to realize that it is really important to read your text books.

"101 Things to do With Your Private License," by LeRoy Cook.

"1989 Photographers Market," by Connie Wright Fidenier, assisted by Cynthia Kephart.

"1989 Writers Market," by Glenda Tennant Neff.

"1992-1994," FAA Written Exam Guide," by Jeppesen Inc.

"2nd Class FCC Encyclopedia," by Kendall Sessions

by Tab Aero Staff.
Is this just a reference book?
Believe me if you don't read and understand the entire book, you're not going to pass the FAA exam!

"Aircraft Systems," by David A. Lombardo

"Applications of Electronics," by Grob

"Auto CAD 13 AME"
by Ted Saufley

"Auto CAD 13 Companion," by James A. Leach

"Aviation Electronics Technician 1 & C," NavTra 10318-D

"Aviation Electronics Technician 3 & 2," NavPers 10317-D

"Aviation Support Equipment 3 & 2," NavPers 10314-B

"Bank of America, International Services"

"Basics of Analog Computers," Cnatt-M538 Pat

"Basic Electronics," Grob

"Basic Electronics Vol. I," NavPers 10087-C

"Basic Electronics Vol. II," NavPers 10071-B

"Belief & Believers," by John K. Simmons Ph.D.

"Biology - The Unity & Diversity of Life, 7th Edition," by Cecie Starr & Ralph Taggart

"Body Language," by Jullus Fast

"Bushcraft - A Serious Guide to Survival & Camping," by Richard Graves

"CA Realizer," a programming language from Computer Associates

"Cast Metals Technology"
by J. Gerin Sylvia

"CET Exam Book," by Dick Glass & Ron Crow

Book for the  Certified Electronics Technician Exam.

"Chemistry, A first Laboratory Course," by Jacqueline I. Kroschwitz & Melvin Winokur

"Chemistry, A first Course," by Jacqueline I. Kroschwitz & Melvin Winokur

"Computer Circuits for Experimenters," by Forest Memims

"Computer Hobbyists Handbook," by R.A. & J.W. Penfold

"Computer Numerical Control, From Programming to Networking," by Su - Chew Jonathon Lin.

"Cultural Anthropology," by Marvin Harris

"Desolation Wilderness and the South Tahoe Basin," by Jeffrey P. Schaffer

'Digital Computer Basics," NavPers 10088

"Dress For Success," by John T. Malloy
This book was surprisingly enjoyable and interesting.  Not a dull book like I expected!

"Electronic Communications," Robert Shrader

"Essentials of Psychology," by Robert A. Baron

"Federal Aviation Regulations & Airman's Information manual," by Jeppesen Sanderson Inc.

"Full Life Study Bible, NIV," by many authors inspired by God.

"Graphic Communications -The Printed Image,"by Z.A. Prust

"Harnessing Auto CAD 12," by Thomas A. Stellman, G.V. Drishnan, & Robert A. Rhea.

"How to Become a Financial Superstar," by LeRoy W. Ming Ph.D.

"How to Make Money in Your Own Business," by E. Joseph Cosman

"How to Start Your Own Business by Doing Business With the Government," by Wayne Phillips

"Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics"
by H.C."Skip" Smith.
This book has a good explanation of Laminar flow vs Turbulent flow wing technology

"Intermediate Algebra 5th Edition," by William Wooton & Irving Drooyan

"Machine Tool Practices," by Richard R. Kibbe

"The Magic of Compound Recruiting," by Hubert Humphrey

"Mathematics Vol. 1," NavPers 10069-C

"Mathematics Vol. 2,"NavPers 10071-B

"Mathematics Vol. 3," NavPers 10087-C

"Military Requirements for Petty Officer 1 & C,"

"Millinger Foreign Trade Course," by Brainard T. Millinger  5 book set.

"Modern Algebra & Trigonometry 3rd Edition," by Elbridge P. Vance.

"Multimedia Presentations"
by Robert L. Lindstrom

"The NAUI Textbook 8th Edition" a course in Scuba Diving

"Novice Class Amateur Radio License Manual,"

"Private Pilot Airplane Written Test Guide," by U.S. Department of Transportation FAA

"Private Pilots Training Course"
by Cessna Pilot Center
This was an old book which I bought in 1979.  Regulations and procedures change very rapidly in the world of aviation.  I should have purchased a new book for the 90's when I took my pilot training. Having this old book made training, in some ways, much more difficult. 

"Private Pilots Workbook," by Cessna Pilot Center

"The Radio Amateur Antenna Handbook," by William Orr & Stuart Cowan

"Radio Amateurs Handbook 1978"

"Radio Fundamentals," Cnatt-M14 Pat

"Sociology 5th Edition," by Robert P. Lamm

"Solid State Power Supplies," by Allan Lytel.

"Solid State Power Supplies," by Allan Lytel.

"Syncro, Servo, and Gyro Fundamentals," NavPers ?

"Technician Class FCC License Manual,"

"Tools and Their Uses," NavPers 10085-b

"TTL Cook Book" by Don Lancaster

"Ultimate Windows 3.1," by Richard Wagner

"Understanding Microprocessors," by Don L. Cannon Ph.D.

"Understanding Solid State Electronics," by Texas Instruments

"Upgrade and Maintain your P.C., " by James Karney

"Upgrading & Repairing PC's," by Scott Mueller

"Using Corel Draw 6," by Steve Bain.

"Virtual Reality Madness," by Ron Wodaski

"Wild Foods Cookbook & Field Guide," by Billy Jo Tatum.

"Windows 3.1 Secretes," by Brian Livingston 

While I was in the Naval Aviation Electronics Schools in Memphis, TN., we were required to read large stacks of what were programmed instructions. These were designed very well for an easy way to teach electronics. I believe that a stack of these which I've accumulated would measure about four feet high. These programmed instructions covered subjects from how electricity works to fire control radar theory of design. Of course I cannot list a stack of these booklets on my web page.



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