All about birds, a true story about birds

All About Birds, Birds are People Too, a True Story
Todo sobre las aves, las aves son gente tambin, una historia verdadera 

C. Jeff Dyrek, A true story about birds
C. Jeff Dyrek, Explorer.
All about Birds, birds are people too, birds have friends and family, this is a true story.

I'm an explorer, a backwoodsmen, an observer and a nature lover.  I have traveled all over the place and sometimes I just sit in the woods and listen to the birds and other animals.  This is a true story about birds. Birds think, they know who their friends are, they know their enemies, birds know when to be afraid and they know when to be curious.  This is a true story about the birds in the woods behind my house.  This may be something that no one has ever recognized in birds before, you tell me.

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This is a true story about birds,
Something that may have never been observed about birds before.






This is the truth an observation about birds. There are a couple of places that I sit in the woods and do some thinking. Sometimes I will build a little fire just to keep warm or to keep the insects away on the warm days.
This is the truth, remember that. When I see a Cardinal, I say "Hi Papa Cardinal, or Mama Cardinal, when I see a Blue Jay or a Sparrow or a wood pecker, I always greet them and let them know that I am aware that they are there. I always treat them just as I would any other friend.
When my mom was very sick, my friends wife would stay at her house and I lived next door and would visit every day. Sometimes I would take my friends wife to my sitting spot and teach her about how to survive in the wild. All of the birds saw her too and we always talked to the birds.
All of a sudden a very strange thing happened. All of the birds gathered into one area and we can hear them all talking back and forth to each other. They were having a conversation. Of course I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I did know that they were talking about us being in the woods and they were discussing about us being there and looking at us while they were conversing.

All of a sudden their attitudes changed and their conversation changed too. I can't really explain the difference, but I could tell that they were making a decision. Then the woodpecker came to the tree that was right next to me, just like I told you before. He was only about two to three feet from me and walked around the trunk of the tree acting as if I wasn't any kind of a threat at all.
This was the test and the woodpecker was the guinea pig in the test. He came closer and closer and just picked at the bark on the tree and I talked to him and said hi. Once the he and the other birds realized that we were not going to hurt the woodpecker, they too came to branches that were closer to us.
I learned something a long time ago about birds. When you make friends with them, they want to be recognized, just like people do. The different birds would come to a close branch, not as near as the woodpecker, but they would just sit there until I said hi to them and called them by name, Mr. Blue Jay or Papa Cardinal. When I called them by name, they would fly to a closer branch and enjoy the fact that I would call to them.
I went out to that spot many times and would call the birds and they would almost always come. The woodpecker would always come to the tree right next to the log that I would sit on.
My mom became very ill and then she passed away last year about this time. So I haven't been out to that spot for a long time. But, late last fall when the weather was still quite nice and the leaves fell off of the tree, I started sitting out on my log again and started building little camp fires. I called for the birds and the woodpecker immediately came to me. He remembered me and he was happy to see me.
So that's my story and that's the meeting of the birds and now you know why I didn't have time to write it yesterday.
I don't know if you can see my wall, but there is a picture of three guys standing on a rock with clouds behind it. Try to find this is you can and read that story about that bird. It was Jonathan Livingston Sparrow, not Seagull. This is a true and fantastic story too and in the picture, if you open it up so it is large enough, you will see the bird sitting by our feet at over 14,496 feet, higher than many small airplanes can fly.
Now to end this story about animals. I have a lot of rabbits on my property. The temperature commonly drops down to -20 Fahrenheit in the winter. They are cold and with the heavy snow, they are hungry too. One thing that I do is to take dog food into the woods and put it where they can find it.

I don't know the reason, but about ninety percent of my rabbits are gone in the past several years. But they too will become friends and sit within several feet of me while I'm working in the yard.
Ok, just one more quick one. I used to have a snake that would sit on my front step in the morning to get warm in the sun. He was there for several years and we too became friends. At least he wouldn't leave when I walked around him when I was stepping out of my door. One day I reached down and petted the snake on the head. I don't know if he liked it or not because he would just sit there and let me pet him.
That's it for now, but there are a lot of stories that I should write onto my website. Most people don't believe a single thing that I say, but they also haven't spent years in the woods and the mountains either.


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