Betty Bombers Land on Ie Shima in preparation for Japans Surrender in World War 2

Historic Pictures of Betty Bombers Taxi on IeShima WW2 Japanese Surrender.

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Japanese Betty Bomber Exhibit
from Jim Walker.
Betty Bomber Taxis on Runway of Ie Shima while American Soldiers line the runway, Japanese Surrender WW2
Japans Airplanes and Betty Bomber Models.   Betty Bombers Land on Ie Shima in preparation for Japans Surrender in World War 2, pictures, photos.
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One of Japans most successful bombers
the bomber that ended the war with Japan
the Betty Bomber.


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If you know any more information about the betty bombers 
Let me know at the bottom of this page. C. Jeff Dyrek

Contributor to this
Betty Bomber Exhibit

Jim Walker
Japanese Surrender, Betty Bomber taxis as American Soldiers Line the Runway, WW2
Picture from Jim Walker


Jeff: This is the Officers under the wing of the Betty. More to follow.   
James Walker  LST 979    002


Jeff: This is the pilot out on the wing of the Betty. It took an hour to get him out of the cockpit. He probably thought we would shoot him.
James Walker   001


Jeff: Several GI's surrounded the plane to make sure the officers would be safe from our boys.
James Walker   003
This is the top of a nws item about the Betty's arrival. My copier cannot get the whole thing at one time. The bottom will follow.
James Walker    004


Jeff: This is the bottom of the news item. I hope it is readable.
James Walker   005
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