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Subject:  Religious Freedom, 
do you have it? 
Subject: church is canceled at out condo

Our condo's board of directors have canceled all church activities in our club  house.   They wrote the pastor a letter stating he could not conduct any church  activities. The pastor has been doing this for 11 years and is an owner of one of these condos.  They locked the club house doors on Sunday mornings. No condo money was used in the service.  We bought our own hymn books and donated money for the chairs, sound system etc. They are violating our condo rules and the state law and we can't get any help to fight this.  The condo lawyer said they could do anything they wanted.   I'm retired AF.   This is not what we  served to protect.  Three people, one elected, two appointed has accomplish the closing of our church. 

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Watch These Movies, What did these men fight for.
Was it for all of the filthy language and programs that we now claim
to be Freedom of Speech.  With Freedom of Speech
there is Responsibility in Speech too, just like the freedom to
drive your car, you must be a responsible driver.



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