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Skydiving, Parachutes, and Positive Thinking with Diana Dumitrache from Romania, Follow Your Dreams

Urmează-ţi visele şi fă ceea ce te face să te simţi mplinit!

What do Skydiving, Parachutes and Positive Thinking have in Common, a word of Success from Diana Dumitrache in Romania to Follow Your Dreams

Ce au n  comun paraşutismul şi gndirea  pozitivă ? cteva cuvinte despre succes - de Diana Dumitrache din Romania - Urmează-ţi visele!

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Follow your dreams and do what makes you feel fulfilled!

Urmaţi-vă visele si face ceea ce te face să te simţi ndeplinite!


I never thought that I will write something….because I don’t have talent for this… but it seems that a person should say never… .and this would be one of the reasons for which I decided to write! Never say never! Follow your dreams and do want you want to do! This is a little story about me and what made me change my way of thinking!
I noticed that, generally, people want a lot of things…… and still they want to do very much...

It’s natural….but I looked around more carefully and I have realized that all of them want a lot of things, they have a lot of dreams but they limited themselves…saying:

 “aaaa….  I want to do that thing but…  I don’t have money or I don’t have time or anything else…”, and honestly speaking, if I look better only a small percentage of people have those reasons for real and for the others is simply an excuse !

People close to me keep telling that I am not a mature person and they ask me when I am going to grow up?

The question is what does it really mean to grow up and what this means for them? To grow up means to limit at what people believe that is normal? And in this case, do I really want to grow up?

10 -15 years ago I had 2 dreams:

1.      To make a skydive jump

2.      To climb Mont Blanc

Yes…I know .. most people would say: childish dreams ...

Now, at almost 30 years (28J )…these things should not be so important

I still remember an article from Knox Magazine (a Romanian magazine about climbing and mountains). The article’s name was something like this: “On Mont Blanc it smells like leek (this is a traditional vegetable in Romania)”…..yes…this was it!….  after a long period of Communism a Romanian guy climbed Mont Blanc!

It happened during the period when I started to climb mountains here in Romania and to read about other mountains. My first reaction when I’ve seen this article was: “Wow! What a lucky guy! I would like to do that but I will never reach it! I don’t have experience…, I don’t have money, etc…No…I will never climb that mountain!”  Why I was thinking in that way? Maybe this was the way I was thinking that learned from those around me? How do I know that I will never get there???   I was limiting myself??
Yes…this is the truth …I was limiting myself! And also is true that I have reached my dream afterDiana Dunitrache preparing for her first jump 10 years and 2 attempts…..!  In 2007 I’ve climbed Mont Blanc… and this was the first dream achieved by me. Why I was thinking in that way? Why I was thinking that I will never reach my dreams?
What would have happened if I had stopped dreaming and if I let the first thought and idea of the others to guide me? They were saying that it is too expensive and too dangerous, etc?  I am a little confused: When I was immature?  In the moment when I was convinced that I cannot reach my dreams and I was finding excuses like is dangerous or too expensive ….or now I am immature… when I am dreaming. I believe in my dreams and I have the courage to believe that they will become real?

It happened the same with another dream of mine….when I was around 14 years old,  I  wanted very much to make Parachute jump and to become a sky diver . Due to the fact that I was too little and it was in the next period to the Communist regime it was really impossible for me to do that! Also, it was really complicated after I’ve reached the legal age …so … time has passed and I stopped to dream of this….but…. after almost 15 years fate has given me the opportunity to do a jump from an perfectly good airplane J….and now, after doing this I am the happiest person alive! And now I’ m wondering: Look at Diana's smile and then look at her eyes as she prepares to skydive

If I was thinking like a mature person (in someone’s perception ) and I was refusing to jump because I am 28 years old and at this age a normal person should think of another thing and not jumping from perfectly good airplane, I should really know what happiness really means? People! Please! ….Don‘t be limited! If you have reached an age…this doesn’t mean that you must renounce at your dreams! That you have to stop dreaming only to prove the others that you have grown up and that you are mature and normal person!

If your dreams don’t come true it is only because you don’t really want that!  Because you don’t do everything that is possible to achieve them! ,, because you put false limits….;  you will always find excuses…..but I am sure that you know that there are only excuses.

Dana is now leaving the plane and her dream is coming trueI know that this seems tough but this is the truth! Please think at what is the best choice for you! What you really want and take in consideration that we have only one life and it is pity to arrive at “one age” when we will regret that we haven’t done this or that …or even that we haven’t tried to do it!

Let’s be serious, let’s stop telling lies to ourselves and stop finding excuses for not achieving our dreams!  If we really want to do something we can! It only depends on us!

Now, to be more convincing, I will show you how much a dream brought me that became reality …a dream that in one period of my life became only a stupid child memory… and because I am really lucky I have realized what I could lose due to a simple fact of renouncing to a child’s dream!

Diana is falling through the air with the greatest of ease
Yes…you will not believe … a child’s dream that became reality made me to feel better than ever and gave me the opportunity to try feelings that nothing else could offer me in 28 years.

Everything started with the first jump: You will ask yourselves how a jump can change your life and your way to be, your way of thinking!

How the first jump was, and what feeling I had?

First jump – a tandem one!

1. Lack of patience….  I have never been so eager…you can realize…I was expecting this for 15 years…The Ripcord is pulled and the chute is preparing to open

2. Fear? No…not at all…. (Maybe the forward was so big that I couldn’t feel the fear?)

First steps: you put the harness on, the instructor explains to you what you have to do, etc …but…I couldn’t give attention to anything…I was waiting for the jump! THAT JUMP!

I am in the plane’s door and…suddenly I am on the ground telling everybody that I want to do it again that I want to be again, there!  In the clouds!

This was the first jump and the beginning of everything J (many thanks to my instructor that made me to love this sport J )! A guess!… who was on the drop zone next weekend even that the weather was bad? J Yes…it is not so hard! The answer is: ME J! It was raining but I was there, waiting… because you never know…and this was a good choice because I have done the The Parachute is open and Diana is nearing the ground, back from the heavens and back in Romaniasecond jump and after that the third one! I am again on the ground: yes! Yes, now I really know this means to be alive, to dream and to let your dream become true!  yes…I am in love….you will never believe but for more than 2 hours I had a huge smile on my face…a smile that nothing and nobody could take from me... I was for the first time in my life really happy – I have realized what it means that – this was the first feeling that I had never had before/

I started the school because I wanted to take my license. I started the course again with a tandem jump…

Here appears another feeling, I really don’t know if it is only one feeling or a combination of feelings.

Diana is now back on Terra Firma and has a smile on her face, her life has now changed foreverAn overwhelming fear combined with a natural calm.

(Yes,, I know,, you will say that this can’t exist….you cannot be scared and calm in the same time…!  I can understand you because this would have been my answer before feeling that: I am speaking about a very strong feeling but also a strange one…: I was very calm because I have already done this thing 3 times and everything was ok but.. I was still afraid….very afraid…. (But, even in this moment, I cannot understand why ,,it was my 4th tandem jump and I knew that it is very easy);

Hmmmmm…….yes….I was calm and in the same time I was very, very scared…but the strongest feeling on this jump was when I’ve managed to get over it and after that followed: free fall, freedom, flying…yes I want this again and again…and again….:) !Carrying her parachute, Diana finishes her first jump.

The next one is my first AFF jump (almost alone: during the free fall 2 instructors helps you to maintain the stabile position and after that…alone….). Yes….another new feeling! happiness, fear, calm, emotions I really don’t know what I felt…

I put my parachute on me…, I am very agitated, I asked everybody what should I do (even that I know very well all the steps of the jump), I make a lot of exercises for finding the ripcord. …

I am nervous…yes! It is clear it is a feeling of agitation…or.. no, no no! I am calm…or…no…I really don’t know what I am feeling! I am very calm because I have done this before and I know what it means, also I have near me the best instructors from Romania (with more than 6500 jumps) but…still I am a little agitated…hmmm ….

I am doing the first steps to the plane…hmm…I want to cry but I don’t know why! I’m afraid? I am nervous? Or, I just want to cry because one of my biggest dreams will become true? Because it is the first time when I am doing a jump with my own parachute?Now the real effort starts as Diana climbs Mount Blanc Romania

Yes…again a combination of feelings and questions, now I see all my live…in front of my eyes….

I am afraid, I am nervous but in the same time I am the happiest person alive!

Helped by the instructors at 3000 meters I became very calm;

All this feelings: agitation, fear and also all the questions have disappeared and all of them became another feeling:  reconciliation with myself…!

Now, you can see how many feelings in the same place.. in such a short time!
Technical Climbing takes a lot of training and extreme physical effort

I have jumped! I am in free fall everything is ok, I am stable…I am so happy….happy happy…. happy,  but something goes wrong: I’m not very stable anymore… but finally I open the parachute in stable position and everything is ok now.. but I m very disappointed

I am again on the ground, and very disappointed because not everything went as I wanted.. but in the same time I am satisfied! Again you can see…confusing feelings…

And this was the way in which I have started to feel something that I have never felt before…not in this way, not with thin intensity…!

Now I’m really in love with the sky, with the jumps, with the flying…I loved everything!

What would have happened if I had decided to grow up and stop having “childish dreams”? I should ever have been so happy? Is this the time when I have to renounce to my dreams only to demonstrate to the others that I have grown up? Do I want this??

 Nearing the Top of Mt. Blanc in RomaniaI don’t think so…; If renouncing to do something that makes you happy and what makes you smile means to be mature…no…thank you very much but I prefer to remain a child…

To dream and to fight for making my dreams to become reality! This is what I want and what makes me happy! This is everything - to follow your dreams and to do what makes you feel fulfilled!
If a family makes you fulfilled….do it! If you want a lot of children start working on this! If you want a caravan instead of a house…this doesn’t means that you are a looser…follow your dream…make what you want! Fight for your dreams…live your live as you believe and feel! This means to be really alive: to be able to smile anytime and to be satisfied of what you have done, what you are doing and what you dream to do!

Urmeaza-ti visele si fa ceea ce te face sa te simti implinit!

Nu credeam sa ma apuc vreodata sa scriu…mai ales ca nu am talent pt asa ceva ….dar se pare ca niciodata nu trebuie sa zici niciodata! si asta ar fi si unul din motivele pt care m-am hotarat sa scriu. Niciodata nu zice niciodata! Urmeaza-ti visele si fa ceea ce te face sa te simti implinit!.....Aceasta este o mica poveste despre mine si ceea ce m-a facut sa imi schimb modul de a gandi!

Am remarcat ca in general oamenii isi doresc lucruri….. si inca foarte multe….!

E firesc…dar m-am uitat mai atent in jur si am vazut ca toti isi doresc multe, viseaza la multe dar isi pun singuri limite zicand:

“aaa vreau si eu sa fac lucrul acela dar nu am cum pt ca nu am bani, sau nu am timp..sau….orice altceva” si sincer vorbind daca ma uit mai bine doar o mica parte din ei au cu adevarat aceste motive, pentru ceilalti fiind simple scuze….Diana now has her second dream actually realized, keep up the good work.

Mi se tot spune ca nu sunt matura…….ca visez prea mult….si ma tot intreaba lumea cand am de gand sa ma maturizez….

Oare vreau sa ma maturizez? Oare ce inseamna sa te maturizezi? Inseamna sa te limitezi la ceea ce cei din jur considera ca e normal?

Acum 10-15 ani aveam 2 vise…..:
1. Sa ajung pe
Mont Blanc
2. Sa sar cu parasuta

Da …stiu…vise de copil ar spune unii….acum, la aproape 30 de ani nu ar trebui sa mai conteze aceste lucruri.....

Imi amintesc si acum un articol din Knox magazine care se numea cam asa: "Pe Mont Blanc miroase a praz…” …..da ……dupa lunga perioada a regimului comunist un roman ajunsese acolo! primul lucru din mintea mea a fost:"ce mi-as dori si eu sa pot face asta dar nu o sa ajung niciodata!”- oare de ce gandeam asa? Oare asa invatasem de la cei din jur? De unde stiam eu ca nu o sa ajung niciodata acolo? Oare nu ma limitam singura?

Da e adevarat…(dupa a doua incercare …dar am ajuns). Ei bine dupa 10 ani am ajuns…
Oare de ce gandeam asa? De ce credeam ca nu o sa ajung niciodata? Oare ce se intampla daca incetam sa visez si ma lasam coplesita de primul gand si de cei din jur care spuneau ca e greu, ca e periculos, etc? Oare atunci eram imatura cand imi limitam singura visele si ma lasam influentata de normalitatea altora sau acum cand visez si chiar cred in visele mele si am curajul sa cred ca se vor adeveri?
Fantastic Skydiving Picture as Diana Parachutes out of the Sun

La fel s-a intamplat si cu celallt vis al meu:….prin scoala generala imi doream foarte mult sa sar cu parasuta…, m-am interest…hmmm destul de complicat pt mine la momentul acela …..timpul a trecut si am incetat sa mai visez la acest lucru dar.…. dupa aproape 15 ani soarta mi-a dat ocazia sa fac acest lucru…iar acum…sunt cel mai fericit om din lume…oare daca ma maturizam si refuzam sa mai sar deoarece ….nah..la aproape 30 de ani esti matur...(cum sa te arunci din avioane numai de dragul de a te arunca?)…….

Oare daca gndeam “matur” (in viziunea unora…) mai aveam parte de aceste sentimene?
Oameni buni! Nu va mai mintiti singuri! Daca aveti deja  o anumita varsta asta nu inseamna ca nu trebuie sa mai visati….asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa renuntati la visele voastre doar ca sa demonstrate ca sunteti maturi !
Diana steers in for the landing target

Daca nu vi se indeplinesc visele e doar din cauza ca nu va doriti cu adevarat….ca nu faceti tot ce e posibil pt a ajunge acolo…; scuze se vor gasi intotdeauna….

Stiu ca suna dur…dar ganditi-va ce e mai bine pt voi, ce va doriti cu adevarat…si tineti cont ca doar o viata aveam:) si e pacat sa ajungem la o anumita varsta si sa regretam ca nu am facut una sau alta…

Hai sa nu ne mai mintim si sa gasim motive pt a nu ne indeplini visele….daca ne dorim ceva cu adevarat…vom obtine - depinde numai de noi!

Acum pentru a intari cele spuse mai sus o sa va arat cat de mult mi-a adus un vis implinit…un vis la care renuntasem la un anumit moment dat…si pt ca sunt foarte norocoasa am realizat ce era sa pierd din simplul motiv ca renuntasem la un vis de copil!Great Parachute picture from Romania as Diana prepares to land

Da…nu o sa va vina sa credeti….un vis de copil…devenit realitate m-a facut sa ma simt mai implinita ca oricand…mi-a dat ocazia sa incerc sentimente pe care nimic altceva in 28 de ani nu mi le-a oferit…

Totul a inceput cu primul salt:
O sa va intrebati cum poate un salt sa iti schimbe viata?

Cum a decurs primul salt si ce sentimente am avut?Primul salt – un salt in tandem!

1.Nerabdare  ….niciodata nu am fost atat de nerabdatoare……va dati seama…..asteptam acest lucru de 15 ani….
2. Frica? Deloc…(oare nerabdarea era prea mare pt a simti frica

Primul pas: Pregatire pt salt: pui hamul, ti se explica ce si cum…dar eu nu puteam da importanta la nimic …asteptam saltul….acel salt mult asteptat…

Sunt in usa avionului si….deodata sunt jos acesta a fost primul salt…dupa care a inceput totul…a doua saptamana cine era la aerodrom???eu!…al doilea salt…dupa care al treilea salt !….; ajung jos: da, clar! Asta inseamna sa traiesti, sa visezi sa iti indeplinesti un vis!… da….m-am indragostit…. ….nu o sa va vina sa credeti…..2 ore….sau poate chiar mai mult am am avut un zambet imens pe fata …un zambet pe care nimeni si nimic nu putea sa mi-l stearga, eram cu adevarat fericita – acesta a fost primul sentiment pe care nu il mai incercasem niciodata pana atunci!

Diana is almost on the ground as people watch her parachute landing proceedure
Incep cursul deoarece vreau brevet:

Da….aici apare un alt sentiment, nici nu stiu daca e un sentiment sau mai multe....
O frica coplesitoare combinata cu o liniste fireasca ….(da stiu…asa ceva nu exista!)…..cred ca asta as fi zis si eu inainte sa simt acest lucru: e un sentiment tare ciudat…eram f linsitita deoarece facusem acel lucru de 3 ori si totul era ok.....dar…totusi imi era foarte frica…foarte frica….
hmmm…da …eram linsitita si in acelasi timp  muream de frica …..dar cel mai frumos a fost cand am reusit sa trec peste frica si……iar cadere libera, libertate zbor….da…vreau iar si iar….

Urmeaza primul salt AFF (orecum singura: pe timpul caderii asistata de 2 instructori dup acre singurica…)…..dap...…alt sentimen nou , fericire, frica, liniste, emotii…nici nu stiu…ce simteam........
Imi pun parasuta in spate…., ma agit, intreb pe toata lumea ce trebuie sa fac…fac execitii pt gasirea comenzii .....
Diana makes a beautiful parachute landing in Romania
Sunt nelinistita.....da!clar!.. am o senzatie de neliniste............sau sunt linistita? Nici eu nu stiu….sunt linistita deoarece am mai facut lucrul asta,stiu ce inseamna, stiu ce va urma.......am cei mai buni oameni din
tara alaturi de mine dar parca totusi ceva ma nelinistete…

Plec spre avion…hmm…da…imi vine sa plang dar nu stiu de ce! Imi este frica? Am emotii sau imi vine sa plang deoarece este prima data cand voi sari cu parasuta mea in spate??

Da iar este un amalgam de sentimente si intrebari................
Imi este frica, am emotii dar in acelasi timp sunt cel mai fericit om !!!!.Cu ajutorul intructorilor si a celorlati parasutisti din avion reusesc sa ma linistesc…la 3000 de m

respir adanc si…....toate acele sentimente: neliniste, frica, emotii....toate dispar…si se transforma intr-un alt sentiment nou - impacare cu mine insumi… …si uite cate sentimente regasesc  la un loc….intr-un timp atat de scurt! Sar…......!ceva nu iese bine….da…....nu e in regula….. sunt dezamagita..

Ajung jos…sunt foarte dezamagita ca nu a iesit totul cum vroiam dar in acelasi timp sunt multumita si ...........iar sentimente confuze…....
Si cam asa am inceput eu sa am parte de sentimente pe care nu le-am mai intalnit sub aceasta forma si cu aceasta intensitate niciodata…..

Acum sunt cu adevrata indragostia de cer, de salturi, de zbor,,de tot!!!

Oare daca ma maturizam renuntand la aceste vise de copil as mai fi fost vreodata asa de fericita? As mai fi avut vreodata parte de aceste sentimente?Oare e cazul sa renunt la visele mele acum? Oare vreau sa demonstrez ca sunt matura?

Nu cred….vreau sa raman copil, vreau sa am vise si  e ceea ce imi doresc si mi mult e sa lupt pentru ele…e ceea ce ma face fericita viata…e totul! Totul este sa iti urmezi visul…si sa faci ceea ce te face sa te simti implinit…
Daca te implineste o famile! Fa o familie! Daca iti doresti o multime de copii ! Fa-I !
daca iti doresti o rulota in loc de casa…nu inseamna ca esti un ratat ….urmeaza-ti visul…fa ceea ce iti doresti! Lupta pt visul tau…traieste viata asa cum crezi si simti tu!!.....Asta inseamna sa traiesti! sa poti zambi oricand si s  fi multumit de ceea ce faci sau ce visezi sa faci!
Added 10-20-2009
Hello Jeff,
Thank you. I will take a look on the websites that you gave me: I have never listened motivational speakers....
I m not in the best period of my life but....I can say that in this moment I am happy because it could be worst...; there are a lot of persons who doesn't have a house, they doesn't have what to  eat an so on....
And also, there are a lot of persons who have a lot of money but they have never had the opportunity to climb a mountain, to see an edelweiss or an Ibex...or they have never seen a sunset on  peak of mountain.. they have never felt the pleasure to arrive in a place or to obtain a thing after a huge work..; they have never how is to fly and they don't know how is to feel free , .....so I am happy that the Nature gave me the possibility to discover a little part of it...; that she let me be  part of it sometimes.
I have to thank God that I am as I am , that I can dream and I can fight for my dreams.....

Diana Dumitrache

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far fluturim me parashut, dhe Parachutes Pozitiv Menduarit kan t prbashkt, nj fjal e suksesit nga Diana Dumitrache n Rumani pr t Ndiqni Your Dreams
ماذا القفز بالمظلات ، والمظلات والتفكير الإيجابي في عام ، كلمة النجاح من ديانا Dumitrache اتبع في رومانيا لأحلامك
Какво да скачам с парашут, парашути и позитивно мислене имате в Обща дума за успеха от Диана Dumitrache в Румъния да следват мечтите си
Qu Paracaigudisme, Paracaigudes i pensament positiu en com, una paraula d'xit de Diana DUMITRACHE Romania a seguir els seus somnis
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מה לעשות צניחה חופשית, מצנחים וחיובית חשיבה יש במשותף, מילה של הצלחה מאת דיאנה Dumitrache ברומניה אחריו חלומותיך
क्या, पैराशूट स्काइडाइविंग करते हैं और सोच सकारात्मक आम, रोमानिया में डायना Dumitrache से सफलता का एक शब्द में अपने सपनों का पालन करना होगा
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뭐, 낙하산 스카이 다이빙과 긍정적인 사고 공통, 루마니아에서 다이애나 Dumitrache에서 성공의 한 마디에 당신의 꿈을 따라가
Ko darīt, lēkšana ar izpletni, Izpletņi un Pozitīvā domāšana ir kopīgs, vārds panākumu no Diana Dumitrache Rumānijas Follow Your Dreams
Ką Parašiutizmas, Parachutes ir pozityvus mąstymas turi Bendra žodį sėkmės iš Diana Dumitrache Rumunijos Sekite Jūsų svajonių
X'għandhom Skydiving, Paraxuts u Positive Thinking jkollhom in komuni, xi kelma ta 'Suċċess minn Diana Dumitrache fir-Rumanija għal Follow Your ħolm
Hva Skydiving, Fallskjermer og Positive Thinking har til felles, et ord av suksess fra Diana Dumitrache i Romania for flge drmmene dine
چه Skydiving ، Parachutes و مثبت فکر کردن در کاری مشترک ، یک کلمه از موفقیت از دیانا Dumitrache در رومانی به دنبال رویاهای شما
Co Skydiving, Spadochrony Pozytywne myślenie i mają wsplne, słowo sukcesu z Diana Dumitrache w Rumunii Follow Your Dreams
O que fazer Skydiving, Pra-quedas e pensamento positivo tm em comum, uma palavra de Sucesso de Diana Dumitrache na Romnia, para Siga seus sonhos
Ce faci paraşutism, paraşute şi pozitiv Thinking au n comun, un cuvnt de a avea succes, de la Diana Dumitrache din Romnia să urmeze visele tale
Что делать прыжки с парашютом, парашюты и позитивное мышление имеют общие слова успеха от Дианы Думитраке в Румынии по наблюдению Мечты
Шта падобранства, Поситиве тхинкинг падобран и имају заједничко је реч о успеху из Думитрацхе Диана у Румунији слиједити своје снове
Čo Parašutizmus, Padky a Pozitvny myslenia maj spoločn, je slovo spech z Diana Dumitrache v Rumunsku nasledovať svoje sny
Kaj Padobranstvo, padala in Positive Thinking imajo skupne, beseda za uspeh od Diana Dumitrache v Romuniji do Follow Your Dreams
Qu Paracaidismo, Paracadas y pensamiento positivo en comn, una palabra de xito de Diana DUMITRACHE Rumana en seguir sus sueos
Vad gr Skydiving, Fallskrmar och positivt tnkande har gemensamma, ett ord Framgngsberttelser frn Diana Dumitrache i Rumnien till Flj dina drmmar
อะไรกระโดดร่ม, Parachutes และมีความคิดแตกและติดเชื้อในสามัญเป็นคำพูดของความสำเร็จจากเดียน่า Dumitrache ในโรมาเนียตามฝันของคุณ
Ne, Paraşt paraşt hemen amadan atlama ve Dşnme Olumlu Common, Romanya Diana Dumitrache başarı bir kelime Your Dreams izleyin zorunda
Що робити стрибки з парашутом, парашути і позитивне мислення мають загальні слова успіху від Діани Думітраке в Румунії з спостереження Мрії
Điều g lm skydiving, Parachutes v c tư duy tch cực trong thng thường, một từ cc thnh cng từ Diana Dumitrache ở Ru-ma-ni để Lm theo của bạn Dreams



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