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Teaching Your Kids by Using Air Shows.

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How to use Air Shows to teach your kids and keep them pointed in the right direction.  How to build America into the worlds most educated country.
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How to use Air shows to Train Your Kids

By using aviation as an educational vehicle, you can train your kids to become top performers in all aspects of their life.  Below is a list of ways to use air shows to have a great time and learn great things.   Education is not  a one time thing it is a lifestyle.  Using this list, you can use aviation to change your entire life for the better.  Why aviation?  Regardless of the career that you or your kids are pursuing, if they know aviation they will be leaps and bounds above the other students.  Aviation is a peak which applies to all technologies.  With aviation you will meet important, positive people who don't believe in limits.  This industry has a very low number of drug infected misfits and a very low number of low life attitudes.  Joining the aviation crowd has many positive benefits.  You can't go wrong with aviation.

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Some of the items on this list can be used before or after the air show.  Please read all of the list and please, give me some more ideas.   Thanks,  C. Jeff Dyrek

Step 1:  Before the air show
  • Show your kid brochures and ads of the air show. 
  • Talk enthusiastically about the show 
  • Watch movies about the airplanes that may be in the air show. 
  • Talk about airplanes 
  • Look at picture books about airplanes 
  • Look at slide shows about airplanes 
  • Look at histories of great people with airplanes 
  • Use coloring books about airplanes 
  • Look at a road map and find where the air show is going to be held 
  • Look at an airplane map and find where the air show is going to be held

Step 2:  At the air show
  • Wear an airplane hat 
  • Wear an airplane shirt 
  • Wear airplane emblems 
  • Wear an airplane stick pin 
  • buy a Styrofoam model and have air show pilots sign the model.     Note:  Give a Yellow Airplane pen to pilots 
  • buy an airplane picture and have air show pilots sign the picture 
  • Take a picture with yourself and your family with one of the pilots 
  • Walk through static displays at air shows 
  • Talk to Civil Air Patrol members at the air show 
  • Talk to a military pilot 
  • Take photo's of kids at air shows
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Step 3:   After the air show
  • Visit the local airport --- Ask if you can see an airplane and maybe have a quick tour of the pilots area and hangar 
  • Call your local EAA Chapter   Find a Chapter here
  • Go to a Young Eagles Flight   More about the Young Eagles 
  • Walk around the terminal of a big airport  ---  when you see pilots sitting in the terminal area, talk to them, they enjoy telling about their airplanes 
  • Build models of airplanes    Airplane Models
  • Put up airplane posters    Airplane Art and Posters
  • Listen to airplane talks by pilots 
  • Talk about local airplane history 
  • Look at airplane websites    A list of other airplane websites
  • Watch airplane flying models 
  • Build airplane flying models 
  • Pilots, join a big brother program 
  • Find and look at off airport nav-aids 
  • Play flight simulator games 
  • Play airplane board games 
  • Build airplane jig-saw puzzles 
  • Hang up an airplane clock 
  • Sing airplane songs 
  • Ride airplane amusement rides 
  • Send letters and photo's to the pilots that you met at the air show 
  • Send a letter to his commanding officer 
  • Take airplane lessons 
  • Talk about aviation weather 
  • Put airplane stamps on your envelopes 
  • Put airplane mailing labels on your envelopes 
  • Wear an airplane jacket 
  • Make paper airplanes 
  • Trade airplane trading cards 
  • Use Airplane Certificates 
  • Join the Civil Air Patrol, a great kids program 
  • Watch airplane documentaries 
  • Wear an airplane watch 
  • Wear airplane rings and jewelry 
  • Join an airplane club 
  • Look at airplane catalogs and the variety of products within 
  • Take your old airplane magazines to Laundromats, doctors offices and anyplace with a waiting room to promote aviation with others
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