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Cool Picture of a Russian Mil Mi 8 Helicopter on the North Pole.

North Pole Expedition 2002.
We got here by flying russian planes from Khatanga to the pole
Click Here's an inside cool picture of the Russian Mil Mi 8 helicopter preparing to take us from Barneo to the North Pole.  You can see the radio stack in the front left side of this cool picture.
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Click Here's an inside view of the Russian Mil Mi 8 helicopter preparing to take us from Barneo to the North Pole in this cool picture.

Our Antonov An-26 Cargo plane on Sredney Island just 600 miles south of the North Pole
Cool Picture by C. Jeff Dyrek

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This is an inside view, looking forward, of the Russian Mil Mi-8 Helicopter taking us from Camp Barneo to the actual North Pole just sixty miles away.      On the far left is a communications/navigation console (I think).  I have worked for eighteen years repairing aviation navigation and communications equipment that I should know, but, there are blanks in my memory about this trip and I only realized this after scanning 480+ pictures into the computer. 

Back to the picture,  At the far left, with a Video Camera Bag up to his face, in a Red Jacket, is Global Expeditions a professional videographer and world wide explorer for many years.  Robert was in the Army Airborne during the Cuban Missile Crisis and had some interesting stories to tell about his advanced unit.  Robert (Russ) has done films for CNN and many more Television Networks.     Next to Russ is Fernando Cabral.  Fernando is from Brazil and has retired from being a computer programmer.  He has now bought a farm and is doing eco (poison free, fertilizer free) farming.  After talking with him for about ten days straight, I found Fernando to be one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.  His wide range of knowledge about the Agricultural Sciences and Computer Technology made him a very interesting person to talk to.   One day I was heading for the pharmacy for some antacid and ran into Fernando on one of the Khatanga streets.  He was headed there too, so we walked together.  When I got inside I quickly found that nobody spoke English except Fernando.   The written language was so much different from ours that I couldn't even read any labels and make sense of them.  Fernando was able to read the language a little, just enough to be able to order bicarbonate of soda for me.   All I can say is that Fernando was a very sharp person.

On the far right of the picture is Anand.  Anand is a banker from Singapore who used to live in Hong Kong.  He obviously speaks many languages, definitely English and probably Chinese too.   He was a very well spoken and mannered person who I consider a good example for myself to continue my movement in a positive, cultured direction.  A couple of times Anand, Siamak and I have walked around together.   We explored the northern part of Khatanga just a couple of hours after we arrived.  It was great!   All I can say is that Anand is one person that is a credit to the human race. 

Just to the left of Anand is Shyama.   Shyama was once in the Indian Air Force as a Mig-21 Pilot.   He then came to the United States and worked his way up to becoming one of the head scientist at Aerojet in Sacramento.   He is currently a professor at UCLA teaching rocket science plus he has duties as the launch director for special projects at Vandenberg Air Force and supervised the launch of a polar orbital rocket just days after his return from the North Pole.    On this expedition, Shyama took a one week Cosmonaut training course at Star City and has officially received a Cosmonaut rating.  Wearing a pressure suit he next flew to 80,000 feet in a Mig-25 Foxbat at over Mach 2.2 .
Just one week later, he stood on the North Pole.  How do you like that for a one month itinerary?   This man is really Superman without a cape.    I should really call him Dr. Shyama but if I did that, Thomas would make me call him Dr. Thomas.

This is what I'm trying to say.  Look at the caliber of the people on this mission.  Everyone is someone that is a great person to know.   Being in close quarters with these people for fifteen days is a true education.   These are the kinds of people that you meet on a North Pole Expedition. 

Mi-8 Hip
Rotor Diameter  69' 10 1/4",  Length with rotors turning 82' 9 3/4",  Height 18' 6 1/2",  Empty Weight 14,603,  Max Weight 25,508,  Max speed 161 mph, Ceiling 14,760,  Max Range 276 mi.

A Spin-off from the education subject:  Today I was watching a program about crime in America being up three percent.  They cited about four major reasons but never once talked about education.   The reason I'm talking about this is that I am concerned about the sex, violence and crime being taught to the American kids through TV programs.  One program on early morning Fox Kids cartoons named "Family Guy" said, in its last minutes, "We need an all girl sex orgy.....    We're all turning Gay!"  Can you believe that!  This is a kids cartoon!   Tell me this, what is the future of America.  We are hanging ourselves and are paying for the rope to do it!   When I hear the current, and past presidents speak of our high morals, I see either a poorly informed or corrupt man speaking.   I'm sorry to say that, but it must be true!   Read about Dangerous Cartoons here.  



The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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