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The Skiers are gone, now we are doing some more equipment loading, shown in this photo.

North Pole Expedition 2002.

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
The Skiers have left for the North Pole and now we are loading our food into the cabin at Sredney Island.  This photo shows part of the assembly line as we passed boxes over the snow drift.
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The Skiiers have left for the North Pole and now we are
loading our food into the cabin at Sredney Island

Photo of Loading food stuff into the cabin on Sredney Island
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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North Pole Travel and Global Warming, What it Means to You

I'm not sure why we did it this way but we flew the Skiers to the Sredney Island in the An-12 then followed them in the An-26.  When we got to Sredney, we had to take all of our equipment off of our airplane and load the skiers equipment into the airplane so they can go to the North Pole first.  The whole point was if our part of the expedition would have gone to the Sredney in the An-12, which is too big to land on the pole, and the skiers would have taken the An-26,  we wouldn't have to had to do all of this loading and unloading.    The picture above shows us loading the equipment from the truck to the cabin on Sredney.  We left most of our equipment outside but the food stuff that was in cans had to be kept out of the cold to prevent freezing and cracking of the cans.

After everyone was in the cabin, I walked outside and noticed that the islands dogs were marking their spot on my bag.  Later, I noticed another dog marking his spot on the bags.  It figures, here we are in Russian territory and they marked the American bags.





The First Certificated Pitts
This is the exhibit about the very first Certificated Pitts Aerobatic Airplane showing Jim Klick and his work keeping it flying and perfectly maintained.

Jim is an eaa member and an iac member

One of our Expedition Members took this ride to the Edge of Space,
he said it was absolutely fantastic.

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Anature Radio Logbook of Srednij Island contacts, look about halfway down the page
Forward base Amature Radio Operator at Srednij Island

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Antonov An-26 (Curl)
Antonov An-26 Curl

The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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