Polar Ice and Polar Bears, an Arctic Ocean View.

This exhibit was posted on 7-5-2005

Please Note:  The background on this page is an aerial photo of the sea ice near the island of Svalbard, Norway

Looking at the Polar Ice for Polar Bears.

Johan looks for Polar Bears on the polar ice of Svalbard.
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek
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Before we could proceed to Barentsburg, Johan had to spend at least ten minutes looking for Polar Bears.  He searched up and down the coast looking for yellow spots on the white polar ice floe on Svalbard.  Actually, everyone thinks of a polar bear as being white.  however, when you are looking at a polar bear on the super white polar ice, you will see that the bears are really a pale yellow.  

While we were in the interior of the island there wasn't much of a polar bear threat.  But, as we come to the coast Johan had to ensure that we were safe.  There is one thing about polar bears and that is that they must eat.  In the interior of the island there isn't much food for the bears, but at the coast there are seals, the polar bears favorite meal.  The polar bear will catch the seal and then eat all of the fat while leaving most of the meat.  When the polar bear is done eating, there are a lot of scraps for the arctic fox, birds and just about any other meat eater in the area.

Once Johan is assured that we are safe from bears, we continued our journey up along the coast to Barentsburg.





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