A Glacier Picture with blue glacier ice.

Glacier Ice Picture on Svalbard.

North Pole Expedition 2005.
A ship frozen in the ice at the edge of a glacier.
In this glacier picture you can see the beautiful blue glacier ice.  Another picture of this glacier shows mountains in the background.
   North Pole Expedition 2005
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This exhibit was posted on 7-2-2005


Please Note:  The background on this page is an aerial photo of the sea ice near the island of Svalbard, Norway

Snowmobile Tour on Svalbard.

A Glacier on Svalbard

Glacier Picture with beautiful blue glacier ice


Glacier picture with mountains in background.

Photo by Richard Shultz

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 Click Here's a great series of pictures of the glacier.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  But in this glacier picture, the picture is frozen in time.  The beautiful blue glacier ice is caused by the ice absorbing the longer wavelengths of light and passing only the shorter blue colors of light.  When a glacier forms its ice sits for thousands of years making the ice a multi-year ice.  As the ice ages, the air is squeezed out making it clearer and more transparent to the blue colors while it absorbs the reds. 

This is why water is also blue.   As a diver dives to deeper depths in the ocean, it is necessary for him to carry his own light to take the pictures of the beautifully colored plants.  If he did not carry his own light, all of the colors will be subdued and will have only the blue, higher energy, colors recorded on his film. 

Of course we cannot dive into the ice but the same process is going on in both places.  The one thing about this glacier picture is that it is really more beautiful in real life than any picture can portray.

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