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Del "Abe" Jones, The Poor Mans Poet.
Military Poet, writes historical and military Poetry

Del "Abe" Jones is a very famous poet who writes about aviation, military and history.  Here are some of his poems and biography.

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  Poetry and Biography of Del "Abe" Jones 

"The Longest Day"
June 6, 1944
On those shores of Normandy
Those sixty-five years ago
There was an amphibious landing
The largest, this World would know.
Many thousands stormed those beaches
Although many, never reached the land
Washed upon, foreign sands by waves
Where, all those Heroes took their stand.
Named, Omaha, Sword and Juno
Gold and Utah, where they died
It was our foothold there in Europe
Which would not, could not, be denied.
To liberate those Countries occupied
By that terrible, Nazi war machine
Where People sought their Freedom
From the tyranny they had seen.
It made Hitler change his plans
To invade the English countryside
There's no doubt it dashed his hopes
To, spread his rule, worldwide.
It began the march through France
Towards the Battle of Berlin
To the end of such an evilness
We hope, to never see again.
Today we Honor those who Served
All those dead and those alive
Although their numbers are dwindling
Our memories of them, will survive.
Four hundred twenty-five thousand souls
Both sides lost, before it was all done
In the Battle of Normandy
That began, that day, the "longest" one.
Del "Abe" Jones
Airborne Stairs
We flew upon those wings
Of that whirlybird
Up above the battles
Listening for that crackling word.
Please come down and help us.
Get us the hell oughta here!
And we knew the urgency
And we felt, their fear.
We knew we were the answer
To all of their prayers
The only way they had out
Was up our airborne stairs.
So we flew down in the fire
Into the brink of hell
To pick up those walking
Who carried those who fell.
They tried, not to leave behind
Their buddy and comrade
But. at times couldnt help it
And that was so damned sad.
The ones who shot at them
Were now aiming towards the sky
Trying to shoot us down
As we flew slowly by.
A lot of us made it
And a lot of us died
But, all of us answered the call
And every one of us tried.
We gave support and rescued
Those grunts down on the ground
We saved so many thousands
But sadly, some were never found.
We were those airborne jockeys
Who flew down through that flack
To try to pick our comrades up
And to try to bring them back.
Del Abe Jones
Really Borne at Kitty Hawk
In the year nineteen-0-three
When Orville rose above the Earth
And since, Mans soared high and free.
Rickenbacker, General Mitchell
And Doolittle, (just a few)
Famous, on those early flights
When the "Air Corps" was new.
An Army branch through World Wars
With planes like "Enola Gay"
That changed our World forever
On that fateful, August day.
In Nineteen and forty-seven
President Truman decreed
The "Department of the Air Force"
To fill a very special need.
The "Berlin Airlift" fed a People
Caught up in the "Cold War"
With a quarter million flights
(And then, several thousand more.)
And there was "The Candyman"
With the sweets dropped with the chutes
The kids thought him a Hero
(Thats a title he refutes.)
Then, we shot off into the "Space Age"
With the jets and the "X" planes
We put Man upon the Moon
And robots on Martian terrains.
We went "into the wild blue yonder"
But, it wasnt without cost
To more than fifty-six thousand Families
Whose, loved ones lives were lost.
"Aloft in solitudes of space,
Uphold them with Thy saving grace.
O God, protect the men who fly
Thru lonely ways beneath the sky."
(this last verse from the Air Force Hymn)
Del "Abe" Jones

 Del "Abe" Jones PoetDel "Abe" Jones (The Poor Man's Poet) was born in Indio, California in 1941. He served in the USAF '58-'61 at Fairchild AFB, WA in the 92nd Combat Defense Squadron, K9 Corps.

He has four children and eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren who reside in Washington State.

He worked in the sheet metal industry on Disney World and other large projects around the Country. After a disastrous three story fall on a construction project in Tacoma in 1974 he began doing Cad HVAC design work. He retired from the trade in 2003.

He began writing poetry in the early eighties and has self-published four books. He donated profits from "The World, War, Freedom, And More" to the families of Tennessee National Guardsmen who fought in Desert Storm. He has had additional poems published in various publications around the country as well as reading and being interviewed on television and radio.

He was asked to recite "The Wall", a poem he wrote about the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. at the dedication of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Orlando, Florida. Two of his poems are etched on the Ellis County Veteran's Memorial in Waxahachie, Texas, dedicated Veteran's Day, 2002 .Pics are here His poem, "The Never Ending Trail" about the Cherokee Trail Of Tears has been used in classrooms across the Nation and abroad. It has also been published in "TO BE READ ALOUD" >  He came to Nashville in 1984 hoping to write song lyrics but now just composes and posts his poetry to share with others.  He now lives in White Bluff, TN.





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