Stitts Playboy Homebuilt Airplane

The Stitts Playboy Homebuilt Airplane Kit Ready to Fly.


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Stitts Playboy Aircraft Pictures front view of propeller

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Stits Playboy airplane picture at grass strip airport

This Stitts Playboy has a new prop.

Stits Playboy is a plane that you can build your own plane

Once I taxied this plane down the runway.  It weighs about 700 lbs and has about 65 hp. The power was more than I expected and the tail came up right away.  I also have a 1972 750 Honda and this plane has about the same power to weight ratio which makes it go really fast.  I was totally surprised at the power and it made me feel uncomfortable because this airplane is a bit out of my league as a low hour pilot who hasn't flown for ten years.

The Stits Playboy Homebuilt Airplane Kit at airport


Roger on the Stits Playboy Kit Plane

Roger is a great motivator and  prompted me to do a good wax job on the plane.  This time, we both waxed the airplane, a team effort.

Stits Playboy Aircraft Kit Side View

Look at the turtle deck of this Stitts Playboy Airplane.  It looks very much like a Hawker Hurricane WW2 Fighter.

Stits Playboy Home Built Plane Kit Rear View


Stits Playboy Kit Plane ready to go into hanger


Stits Playboy Plane at Airport

I always thought that this plane would look good with a camo paint job.


Stitts Playboy Airplane at Airport


Stitts playboy aircraft with very low hours

Nice View of this airplane

Stitts Playboy Aircraft Kit built to look really nice


Stitts Playboy using the 65 hp Continental Engine


Stitts Playboy Airplane Kit

This homebuilt airplane has a real beautiful covering job on fuselage and wings.


Stitts Playboy Kit Plane

It's time to put this kitplane in the hanger.

 This Stits Playboy Experimental Airplane has a 65 hp Continental four cylinder Engine.   You have to spin the prop by hand since it has no electrical system.   The guys that flew it said that it was more powerful than they expected too.  They said that the top speed was about 130 with the 65 hp motor.  My 750 Honda would be lucky to hit those speeds.


Photos by C. Jeff Dyrek

Stitts Playboy with cowlings off, good pictures inside the airplane

Stits Playboy Specifications with the 85 hp Engine. 


Wing Span 22 ft 2 in.
Length 17 ft 4 in.
Height 6 ft   4 in.
Wing Area 96 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 600 lbs
Gross Weight 902 lbs
Fuel Capacity 14 gal.
Maximum Speed 145 mph
Cruise Speed 130 mph
Rate of Climb 1000 ft. per. min.
Ceiling 12,000 ft.
Range 400 mi.
Crew 1




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Stitts Playboy with cowlings off, good pictures inside the airplane



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