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3 Aircraft are waiting for Competition at the Salem Illinois Airport.
Aerobatic competition is held every year in Salem, Illinois 
by IAC Chapter 61 in Litchfield, Illinois. A Pitts, a Skybolt, and a Piper Cub J-3.
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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek


It was a very good day for competition, at least between rain showers.  In the foreground is Mike Vaughn's beautifully restored Clip Wing Cub. The Skybolt in the Middle belongs to a man from Louisville (I believe) and the Pitts belongs to Carlos Santiago.  There was a big turnout, but we had to fly only between the repeated showers. There's one great thing about these free competitions and that is the campout party Friday and Saturday night. We have a cookout and a weenie roast with lots of fun music and lots of good friends.
Sponsored by IAC Chapter 61 
from Litchfield Illinois

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