Vincent Dauro Standing in front of WW2 Tent  

Vincent Dauro in the aftermath of a hurricane,  The tent buildings were torn and smashed.  In WW2 the Soldiers on the island of Ie Shima had more than the enemy to deal with, this time the enemy was Mother Nature.
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 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro

Photo of Vicent Dauro standing by a tent after a Hurricane hit the Camp.
Photo Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro

 Vincent Dauro Standing in front of his tent showing some of 
the damage after a hurricane


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Strikemasters Over Sydney



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Air War Film Expo
Vol. 2

Three rare WWII aviation films in One

Running time 1:44. Three rare WWII aviation films made during combat. The Memphis  Belle - Fly with the Belle’s crew on the 25th and final mission,a daring daylight attack on the submarine pens at Wilhelmshaven. A great historical documentary. Color.

Target Tokyo - Ronald Reagan narrates. Follow the giant B-29 Super Forts  flying from their secret base against stiff flak and fighter opposition to blast the  Japanese homeland. 

Thunderbolt - Ride in the P-47 as it races up the boot of Italy bombing and strafing vital supply routes. Some of the most spectacular film of the  war from the air. Color.

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Warbird Checkout #4

Running time 1:42 Flying the P-47 - In three parts, almost anything you might ask about the famed Thunderbolt fighter. Here is detailed coverage that begins with pilot  familiarization, ground handling, take-off, normal flight, landings and high altitude  flight and aerobatics. Includes tips on what not to do. (B&W, 1 hr., 9 min.)  Thunderbolt: Ramrod to Emden - The story of the 56th F.G. (8th A.F.) P-47 escort  mission on Oct. 1, 1943. Covers the Thunderbolt pilot briefing, the take-off, joining up and rendezvous with the B-17s and B-24s. Excellent combat footage. We shoot  down a few Fw-190 bandits... but we lose some B-17s, too! (B&W, 33 min.)

00V8007326 width=197>
Hell from the Heavens

Running time 1:37 German Invasion of Holland, May 1940 - Captured German film  portrays paratroops being pep-talked, boarding their Ju 52 transports, and flying  low-level to parachute into Holland. (B&W, 19:30) D-Z Normandy - An Air Force  documentary film of the planes, the troop gliders, and the men of the 82nd and 101st  Airborne in the invasion assault on the coast of Normandy supported by waves of B-26 Marauders and P-47s. 821 plane-loads of 13,000 combat troops landed behind enemy lines in 2 hrs. right on top of the Germans. This is D-Day! (B&W, 1:17).

  Incredible Great White Shark Adventure

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the 34th fighter Squadron
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