A Tribute to Vincent Dauro and Joe Parker,
test pilots in World War 2

Joe Parker, a famous test pilot, was the only loss of a pilots life on Ie Shima when he Crashed his P-47 Thunderbolt in WW2.

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The 318th Fighter Group in WW2
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 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro
A Tribute to Joe parker, test pilot


Joe Parker's crashed plan
Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro


 I went on ahead and sent you Dads description of Joe Parker's crashed plane, 
My Father told me later that he was attempting
a takeoff. And was trying to show the boys you didn't 
have to make a full Throttle takeoff. 
He did not realize the airstrip was very short.
Joe Parker was a test pilot in WW2
Webmasters Note:  One of my long time friends, Jack Long, a AT6 Fighter Pilot Instructor then a B-29 Pilot, told me a story about his first experience with the P-47.  He was stationed at a training base in Florida when a pilot came to show the squadron the new P-47.  Jacks Commanding Officer took the plane for his first test ride and flew past the troops who were watching on the ground.  Jacks Commander flew by at full speed then pulled back on the stick for a quick climb.  This is a DON'T.  The plane went into a high speed stall and instantaneous horizontal spin only fifty feet from the ground.  Jacks Commander recovered, flew around the pattern then landed.  He told his troops, "I almost got killed."   This is one of the DON'T's of flying a Warbird.  Don't Show Off.     C. Jeff Dyrek

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