Japanese Surrender Deligation standing under a wing of a Betty Bomber on the island of Ie Shima

Betty Bomber with Japan's Surrender Delegation from World War 2.

This is a Historic Photo from Chuck Pierce. The Japanese board a C-54 Transport headed for Manila.

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Japanese Betty Bomber Exhibit
This Page is from Chuck Pierce
The Japan's Surrender Delegation on the Island of 
Ie Shima in World War 2, Historic Photo.
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One of Japans most successful bombers.
The bomber that ended the war with Japan.
The Betty Bomber


If you know any more information about the betty bombers 
Let me know at the bottom of this page. C. Jeff Dyrek

Betty Bomber on Ieshima in World War 2
Photo from Chuck Pierce

The Japanese Surrender Envoy board the C-54 heading for Manila, Philippines
to sign the surrender papers with General MacArthur.


I have several photo that were in with my fathers war pictures that appear to be on ie shima as you see attached  . the one on your web site seems as the same person may have taken them .  I don't know where my father had gotten them as he was US Navy and never in the pacific . if you can supply any info or refer me to someone that can i would appreciate it.      Thank you and great website
Chuck Pierce 

Pacific , WA.

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