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How doctors keep a steady income
and how wine has helped this disabled veteran. Read 1st Timothy 5:23



The doctors say to use Nexium which has terrible side effects and cost over a hundred a month.  The wine stopped me from having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, ever. 

The doctors said that I needed all of those operations, 15 to 16 of them.  The wine made it so I never have to use anti-acids and it opened up the restriction in my esophagus, where the operations only gave me temporary relief and made super bad problems as a result.

 My old girlfriend said that I need to floss every day.  Now I have no calculus build-up and no gum problems and no blood when I do floss and I no longer have huge problems with food stuck in my teeth.  Please note that I don't just drink the wine, I swish very much before I swallow so it will clean between my teeth and up in my gums and lips.

 The doctors said that my cholesterol level was too high.  Now it's only 124.

 In 1st Timothy 5:23 it says, no longer drink only water, drink your wine to help your stomach and frequent illness.  The Gideon's Bible says Stop Drinking Water and drink only wine. 

 I listened to a representative from the AMA, about ten years ago, and he said that they are not there to cure the illness, they are there to reduce the symptoms.  Yes, they want money and repeat business.  This is why a doctor doesn't want to hear what you have to say, they just want to give you drugs. 

 When my step dad was super ill, I looked in the "Home Medical Advisor"  It said that all of these pills were causing all kinds of problems.  My mom went to the Doctor and yelled at him.  When we got my step dad off of the drugs, he was a work horse.  He went totally crazy and we ended building two porches and fixed everything that there was. 

Just like John McCain, who said that our southern border is secure, the top, big buck politicians, are liars and pricks that are sucking our money in every way they can.   Drugs are still flowing across our borders.

What about oil?  Is there an alternative?  Look at http://www.cycclone.com and watch their short video.  We have the technology to eliminate oil for fuel.  We don't need to cut a single tree to make power line poles.  We don't need a single power line coming to our house or a single gas station.  The motor in this video produces 300 hp and produces no emissions and uses no fuel.  This is true.  If you don't believe me, go to YouTube and type Magnetic Motors.  There are a whole lot of them that are running generators so powerful that you can take your house, turn on the air conditioner full blast, the electric furnace on full blast, and all of the lights, you will owe no monthly bills, and that's why the government will not put this into use.  They can't make money.  It's true.


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