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President George Bush

1887128751George Bush0743222229President George Bush If anyone has served with President George Bush in the Military, please let me know.

This article is from our readers about President George Bush. 

It is not necessarily the opinion of the webmaster.  However, we hear many stories about our politicians, some of them are true, some of them are not.  Some of these stories about the President are started as true and by the time that they have been told many times and modified, they are far from the truth.  If anyone has served with President Bush in the Military, please let me know.


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military history rarely describes the meaning and story behind taps

We have Foreign Enemies
but do we have Domestic Enemies?
You bet we do. 


If anyone has served with 
President George Bush, Please let me know
Be Sure to read the Reply to this article below

taps came from both the confederate army and the union army during the civil war

Is any of this true or not true, 
Please let me know at the bottom of this page.

What about George Bush


Re the George Bush page asking for information from people who served with him:

There is a man in the Brunswick, Maryland area who trained under George Bush.  I am a journalist for the local newspaper and interviewed  him shortly before he was scheduled to meet the president after a ceremony in West Virginia several years ago. The man, a Mr. Eshbaugh, told me that if it wasn't for George Bush, he would have left military service and that the training and some late  night words of encouragement kept him going.  

Donna Lear
Brunswick Citizen newspaper

From Jerry

I have a question that no one I know seems to be able to answer to my  satisfaction 
"Why is George W. Bush so popular with veterans?" 
I mean, when I was in the Marine corps and being shot at,  he was a draft dodging coward and a hypocrite to boot, if you believe   what he has to say about his opinion on the Vietnam war. 

So far as I have been able to find out there is not a single person that   ever remembers flying with him in the National Guard   He completed his guard service in Alabama   while living in Cambridge  with never a show up   and yet most vets and current service people I know   love him to death? 

I remember well most of my fellows jar heads  and they weren't particularly sophisticated   but they were pretty good at weeding out the weak, and the phony's   or if not weeding them out,

  at least recognizing them   and here they are now  (it seems)   I mean it is always possible that it is just  a big managed pr scam   sucking it in for this chicken drug sucking unaccomplished coattail    riding moron?   go figure   Al Gore as inarticulate as protoplasm comes  hated the war  didn't have to go and enlisted and went  (and the story I heard)  was given a CIB but doesn't wear it because he thinks he doesn't' deserve it   and was trashed by veterans (what?  80-20??) 

Now I know that they have been dumbing down the schools since I quit   high school  but can they be that dumb?   can vets and soldiers be dumber than lice? 
what gives here? 


Be Sure to read this
A Reply from John, an Airline Pilot and Former Air National Guard Pilot.

Just a few comments on the letter from "Jerry".  First off, President Bush was not a draft dodger.  President Clinton was.  President Bush served his country in the National Guard as a fighter pilot.  I am both a veteran from active duty and the  National Guard, and I want to point out that there are quite a few soldiers in the Guard who are very proud (and have  every right to be) of their Guard service.  The President served in the Texas Air National Guard.  While I did not know him,  I have talked with many former Air Guard pilots (as an airline pilot, these are people I come into contact with on a daily  basis) who served the same time he did.  They knew who he was.  Many critics mention how he didn't finish his tour.  His  unit was transitioning to a new aircraft that would've required expensive schooling.  The Air Force offered him the chance to either get out a little early (since he was due to get out in a few mont! hs), or extend his tour for a number of years.   He chose to get out early.  This sort of thing happens all the time in these types of jobs.  The military doesn't want to  spend the money training someone on a new system if that individual is going to separate very shortly thereafter. 

As far  as Al Gore is concerned, he enlisted in the army as a journalist.  He was stationed in Alabama. (Ft. McClellan).  His  enlistment was timed perfectly with his father's bid for reelection.  His father was known as a very liberal, anti-Vietnam  War politician in a very conservative state.  It was thought that young Al in uniform would help win some votes.  (Al did  accompany his father throughout most of the campaign).  When his father was defeated, Al was ordered (didn't volunteer) to Vietnam, where he served around 6 months or so.  As far as his being awarded the CIB, that is strictly an army infantry award.  To date, I know of no one! that has been awarded the CIB that was not infantry qualified at the  time of the award.  If Al was given the coveted award as a journalist, I would think that there would be more said about  it.

Just some thoughts.

From the Webmaster.

Before Mr. Bush became President, I said who ever gets this next term in office will have the toughest presidency of any President, ever!  Now we can see that this is true.  President Bush has and will have a tough time and I don't think any man is better qualified to do the job and he has shown us that he is for all Americans and has proven that he can handle the job better than anyone thought possible.  We all need to give him all of our support and thanks. 
C. Jeff Dyrek

1887128751George BushFortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
by J. H. Hatfield, Mark Crispin Miller
0743222229George W. Bushisms : The Slate Book of The Accidental Wit and Wisdom of our 43rd President
by George W. Bush, Jacob Weisberg (Editor)
6301045661Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra AffairCoverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair 
0767020766Biography - George W. Bush: Son Also Rises
   This episode of Biography from the A&E network was produced in 1999, and while it offers a look at the life of George W. Bush, the  narrative ends before the 2000 presidential campaign began. As Bush's father served as president and his grandfather was a U.S. senator  from Connecticut, the role of Bush family, which wielded influence in banking as well as politics, is explored. A childhood spent in Texas (after his birth in Connecticut) is described, and people who knew George W. as a child and later as a teenager at an exclusive New  England prep school recall him for having a sense of humor and sociable demeanor. His life as a fraternity president at Yale is mentioned,  and there are passing references to a hazing scandal and "partying." But there really is little controversy raised by this program beyond  later noting that as an adult "years of partying were beginning to take their toll." Bush himself appears on camera and talks cheerfully about giving up drinking as he entered his 40s. Texas journalists, including Molly Ivins and Bush biographer Bill Minutaglio, appear to  speak about Bush's entry into politics and his run for the Texas statehouse. Viewers seeking a generally upbeat overview of Bush's life before running for president will no doubt enjoy this program, though it's fair to note that it breaks little new ground. --Robert J. McNamara 
B000006QFUBiography - George Bush: Sense of DutyB000006QFUBiography - George Bush: Sense of Duty 


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