Social Pollution, Social Pollutants, Problems of Social Pollution

Our Social Environment.

It's actually no different than our physical environment, it too can be polluted.



Causes of Social Pollution and it's Problems Read This Now
brittney spears nude and pamela anderson nude, that's what the movies and bookstore bring your kids

If we want truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness
to be the American way, we must take action now.

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What about Social Pollutants, Social Pollution is even more dangerous than Air Pollution or Water Pollution, Social Pollutants are Killing all of us.

Just think about the difference between a Veteran and a punk kid.
If a punk kid wants to do something with his life he can go all the way from the ghetto to the top of the world, I did.  The government has given us all a super opportunity to make something of ourselves.  The military, Coast Guard, National Guard and other programs have given all of an opportunity if we just want to do the work to get there.  That is what makes a Veteran Special.
One man that I was talking to said that the military is a culture of it's own.  I never thought of it in quite that way but this is absolutely true.
The military culture is a disciplined, educated, professional and thoughtful culture as opposed to what we are seeing on America's streets.  Take a look at what it's like on the streets, then watch TV and think.  Did you ever look at "Family Guy"  Watch that program for ten minutes, if you can stand it.  Look at the TV guide and tell me what you read.  It's a porn, kill, murder, cheat on your spouse, your spouse isn't happy book. 
The TV guide tells us about our programs and shows us what our people are being programmed with.
I'm telling you the truth.  Here's the main secret to psychological warfare, "Make them laugh when we are destroying their kids minds in the process."  
Just look at the name of "Family Guy."  It sounds like something that you can really trust your family to or they wouldn't call it Family Guy would they.
I walked into the room where the kids were watching TV and I just wanted to see what they were watching.  I saw just a glimpse of the characters in the cartoon, then the screen went black and a voice came on saying, "We need a massive, all girl sex orgy, we're all turning gay."  I almost fell over. 

   Is this what our kids are Watching? 
   Is this LEGAL?????  

I have mentioned this to the former Chief of Police and he almost hit me. Luckily I suddenly told him that it was a quote on a kids program.
I told this to a police detective and he looked at me like I was a nut.  I asked him if I would get in trouble if I said this to a ten year old little girl.  He said yes.
I told this to the Sheriff and he said that I would definitely go to jail if I said this to a ten year old.

You Can Go To Jail for Quoting A Kids Cartoon

Are you proud of our country?  Should we put proud to be an American on our cars?  I always wear my Navy hat, it's my trademark, but when I find out that our top 100 Celebrities are the top 100 filthiest people, it makes me think, "What am I proud of."   I'm proud of the work of our Veterans have done, but why did they do it when you can go to jail for quoting a kids cartoon now.  How can it be?  The Veterans efforts are soon forgotten. 
I am proud of what we have accomplished, but not proud of what we represent to the world through our TV and Music Today.  We are causing social pollution throughout the world and it has to stop.  Am I proud?  What is there to be proud of?
Our kids are listening to kill programs so much that they are killing each other on the streets and in the schools.
Party time is now the only future for kids to have fun.  Party, Party, Party the local station says before a break.  Look at the kids on the streets, they're on coke and meth and everything else all the way to glue and anti-freeze.  It's true.  Why is it?  Why do radio stations say things like "Party, Party, Party?"  Why?
I'll tell you why.  Think about it.  When I was a little kid, my older brother was going through law school.  His lawyer friends told him that when Divorce Court came out, their incomes went up ten times.   Wouldn't you like to have your income go up ten times.  You bet!
What do we advertise on TV.  Sex in the City.  You have ED.   Las Vegas the Sin City, Kill, Murder and Hate.  Listen to the advertisements, look at the sexy women,  listen to the violence.  From the time that they're born, kids are listening to hate, kill, sex, murder, and drugs and now it's the teen transsexual.  How are your kids going to think in the future?  What's in their heads?  What will they be doing?  Think of it.  Just think.  Think.
What did Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto, say.  He said that he could make a Democratic country pay for the rope to hang itself.  And, how do you do it.  You get the kids on drugs, you get the kids on sex, you get the kids learning useless things and you break up the family.
We have been under a psychological attack both from abroad and within for many years now.  "Control the Media and You Control the People," one man once said.  Are we being controled?  Just look at the TV guide and watch Family Guy and South Park.  Who are our leaders going to be and how are they going to think when they grow up.  What were they taught all of their lives?   What did their favorite TV star do?  Remember, "Favorite" then look at who the kids favorite star is.
Do crime movies increase the income of lawyers?  You bet it does!  It increases the income of lawyers, judges, police, secret service and every part of government and private companies that supply these agencies.  "You Are What You Look At ALL DAY LONG"  Just remember what the lawyers told my brother earlier in this article.   More crime equals huge increases of income.  Yet our kids model themselves by watching TV all day long and suck in the Programming.  It goes into their inner mind.  And guess what comes out.
If we look at crime, sex and drugs all day long, our country falls into the whirlpool that is sucking all the decency out of all of us.  With no decency there can be no pride.   
  Are You Proud?      What Are You So Proud Of?  
  If you can go to jail for quoting a kids cartoon, there's something wrong! 
  If murder is entertainment, there's something wrong!  
  If the top 100 Celebrities are the 100 top filthy people, Mentors of our kids, then there's something wrong!  

Social Polution is even worse than water and air pollution.

What about Rodney King.  There was a huge riot after this beating of Rodney.   That was a terrible incident for everyone, I'm sorry.  But what if a TV Station makes a fake program like this and spreads it through the news agencies.  A TV station can make it look even worse. 
There will be Hugh Riots.  Yes, it's true, a fake program can cause almost instant riots in our country.  Can TV program you.  You bet it can.  This is Social Pollution.  Social Pollution is real and some people make money from it's promotion.
One, Two, Three:  Sex, Violence and Murder the TV tells you.  This is Social Polution.
Social Pollution is a deadly, it is real, and it is happening and if we Veterans don't make stopping it our last stand, we will lose our country and we are losing it now, just watch TV.
Read the TV guide now!  You will see the truth.  They are preying on peoples natural attraction to the horid and the beautiful.  It's true.  When a beautiful girl walks down the street, even the girls look.  When there's a bad car wreck,  everyone's neck turns into rubber. 
I am very sorry to have to talk like this.  I am a U.S. Veteran and I took an oath to fight all enimies, both foreign and domestic.  Social Polution is a DOMESTIC ENEMY that we all need to fight.
Ken and Annette,  can you please send this to everyone you know. 
And, everyone else, send this to every Veteran and everyone you know too. 
Thank you very much,
C. Jeff Dyrek.  U.S. Navy, Disabled.
brittney spears, pam anderson, bruce willis and eddie murphy, not to mention others in the movies, are a big problem

The Good Old Days, when American Kids were Learning Technology

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