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All of these World War 1 Airplanes show some great pictures of one of the best known planes of World War 1, the Curtiss Jenny was an advancement in World War 1 biplane technology.   The aviation art section has some great World War 1 photos and other images.   Building and owning these model aircraft will give anyone a good picture of World War 1 and other biplane models.  This hobby page includes balsa wood model airplanes, plastic model airplane kits, metal diecast models and scale models that are great to build and display.  I don't consider these toy model airplanes because they are really built to show adults and kids the history of aviation.  Models come in 1/18, 1/32, 1/72 scale desktop models.   These model airplanes come in 1/20, 1/24, 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 Scale Pre Built Diecast and Mahogany Display Models and Balsa Wood and Plastic Model Kits.
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Full View of the Gordon and Ferguson Aero Coveralls Showing Fur Lining

  Full View of the Gordon and Ferguson Aero Vintage Flight Suit Showing Fur Lining.  This is very rare to see a World War 1 flight suit in this condition today.  See the WW1 Vintage Pilots Flight Suit Exhibit Here.  


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the famous World War I twin-seat trainer, which could reach a top speed of 75 miles per hour

The Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, the famous two-seat bi-plane that was the first-ever mass produced aircraft, is fully painted and includes an embossed stand that also notes the sca.

JN-4 Curtis Jenny Barnstormer Airplane

Flying Circus Jenny Model
Out-of-work aviators flying out-of-work airplanes after the Great War. These barnstormers, as they called themselves, were an American phenomenon - wandering   from east to west, performing in pastures, big city air shows, and Hollywood dramas.


Curtiss Robin
Post-WWI aircraft powered by an OX-5 engine and famed as "Wrong-Way" Corrigan's plane that crossed the Atlantic in 1938.

Curtiss Jenny
Flying Circus on Floats
Fitted with wood floats, this delightful, 1/35 scale "Flying Circus" JN-4 Jenny



Curtis Jenny Airplane DVD Movies
Crop Dusters00V8887353"> 00V8887
DVD Video

1921 Thru 1955
Follow the progression of the crop dusting industry from the hand pump and donkey cart to the high-powered planes of the mid-1950s. You'll see vintage film of Curtiss Jennys, de Havilland D.H.4s, Piper Cubs, Stearman biplanes and others, including the only known color footage of Cutback Cubs on the job, dusting and spraying. "A video of historical value that completes a part of America's aviation history that many of us have overlooked." - Flight Video Review. 1 hr. 15 min.

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Curtiss JN-4D Jenny 1/16 Scale Museum Kit0088992vspace=0088992
Curtiss JN-4D Jenny
1/16 Scale Museum Kit

Wood, Plastic, Metal and Rubber Model Airplane Kit.
This true-to-life, 1/16 scale static kit of the beloved Curtiss Jenny is designed without the customary fabric covering to better show the fascinating structural components reproduced with virtually every detail. The kit includes over 300 laser cut basswood and birch parts for ribs, fuselage and other wooden components; a scale replica Curtiss OX-5 in-line V8 water-cooled engine assembled from over 100 finely cast Britannia metal parts and complete with cylinders, distributor, spark plugs and crankcase; nearly 600 highly detailed photo-etched parts for the aluminum cowl and seats, copper turnbuckles and other wing and fuselage fittings; and even photo-etched nickel silver wheel spokes! Six highly detailed, actual size plan sheets and an illustrated step-by-step instruction manual assist you in the completion of this museum quality model. 32" wingspan; assembly required.
#0088992      499.00


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 A Special Customer Request. 
 Help Me find out about this airplane.  Is it a Curtiss Jenny?

 Can You Help Me?
I would love to find any information on this plane.  My Grandfather, James Siler, served in the Navy  between 1922 to 1926 or 27. He could have taken this picture at one of the Bases he was station at .  He was station in the Panama Canal and Off of the coast of China on a little island  and most of his time in San Diego any help would be great.  Thanks again  Randy  Meador.

If anyone knows anything about this plane or Mr. James Siler in the Navy,
please let me know at this link.
Mail To C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.


I noticed your interesting old picture of a US Navy biplane standing on the nose. It took some time to identify it mainly because of the ambiguous registration at the side of the fuselage which I first read as A-5314. Lists of these registration numbers gave no hit as this number was from a batch of Curtiss Flying Boats ordered by the Navy but cancelled at the end of WW1.
This machine has the Bureau No A-5814 at the side which defines it as a USA built de Havilland DH-4B. This DH-4B was from a small batch of machines [A-5809 till A-5814] taken over from the War department in exchange for 6 DH-4 planes at the Naval Aircraft Factory [NAF] for use by the US Marine Corps [USMC].
It is noted that A-5814 crashed on Haiti on October 5, 1921. The place is given as Sarte Dau, but unfortunately this is a place or writing of the place not known to Google Maps
I do not think that the picture of A-5814 gives a picture of the crash, as the damage of this nose stand is not that great and repair could be easily done. Nose stands were quite common, due to the state of the airfields (mud pools in rainy seasons) or due to the experience of the pilot.
So to summarize this is an US built de Havilland DH-4B in service with the US Marine Corps.
To get to know the life and times of the grandfather of James Tiler in the US Navy / USMC you could do a search in the US National Archives which hold all historical military service records
All the best
Kees Kort

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Jack Varanelli's Pitts Radio Controlled Airplane Kit

Built to look exactly like Chuck Robert's Pitts Airplane, here's a whole construction exhibit on how a foam airplane, covered with balsa wood is built.  This is a 1/3rd Scale Radio Controlled Model with a 2-1/2 HP motor.  A real nice exhibit

Exhibit Added 20 Jan. 2008


Perry Rhodes and his Robinson Helicopter
A little fun with computer graphics as Perry fly's around the world.


Research Notes

Out-of-work aviators flying out-of-work airplanes after the Great War. These  barnstormers, as they called themselves, were an American phenomenon - wandering  from east to west, performing in pastures, big city air shows, and Hollywood dramas.

The racer that Jimmy Doolittle flew to victory in the 1925 Schneider Cup

A Curtiss Jenny rounds a pylon during the National Guard Speed Race at Miller Field, New York, in 1926.

the Jenny used for training U.S. pilots during WWI and for mail service, barnstorming and flying circuses after the war.

Barr was a bush pilot in the '30s and '40s, carrying passengers, mail, and freight to remote villages, mining camps, and solitary trappers' cabins. He flew every plane from the Jenny to the Supercub, made more forced landings than he could remember, and once rebuilt his wrecked plane himself in order to fly it out of the wilderness.

The Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” first entered service during WWI as a primary trainer for the fledgling US Army Air Corps. After the war, surplus Jennys found fame with enterprising barnstormers who crisscrossed the countryside performing air shows and giving awe-struck passengers their first taste of flight.

Veterans here

    Please Note:  I took the photo of the clouds used in the background picture
while we were flying from a Northern Siberian city named Khatanga
on our way to the North Pole in April 2002.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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