Airplane Museums in Washington State.

Washington State Airplane Museums -
Washington Museos Estatales Avin.

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A List of Airplane Museums in Washington.

Washington is nicknamed the Evergreen State.  The population of Washington is 4,888,000 people, number 18 of the 50 states, its capital is Olympia and its largest city is Seattle.  The land area of Washington is 66,582 square miles, number 20 of the 50 states, and its highest point is Mt. Rainier which is 14,411 feet.  Air Museum, State of Washington list.

Washington es el apodo de Evergreen State. La poblacin de Washington es 4.888.000 personas, el nmero 18 de los 50 estados, su capital es Olympia y su mayor ciudad es Seattle. La superficie de Washington es 66.582 millas cuadradas, el nmero 20 de los 50 estados, y su punto ms alto es monte. Rainiero, que es 14.411 pies. Museo al aire, Estado de la lista de Washington.

  Washington Airplane Museums.

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The last updates on the museum listings were added 18 Jan 2011
Due to legal changes in Illinois, I will not be updating this list until further notice.
These museums change their information and locations very often.
Please try to contact the museum before you try to visit it, it may not be there anymore.

   Armed Forces & Aerospace Museum
P.O. Box 19459
Spokane, WA
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 7 Aircraft


   The Flying Heritage Collection.
Paine Field
3407 109th Street SW
Everett, WA 98204
(877) FHC-3404 for ticketing
(206) 342-4242 for Flying Heritage Collection office
 located at the rural Arlington, Washington airfield—about 40 miles north of Seattle
 Info thanks to Rob Guy and Scott Schrum.
Click Here to visit their website. Some good videos to watch.

About 21 Aircraft with about ten more under restoration.

  McChord Air Museum 
P.O. Box 4205
JBLM-McChord Field, WA. 98438-0205
206 984-2485
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 18 Aircraft and many other Exhibits


  Museum of Flight 
9404 East Marginal Way South 
Seattle, WA. 98108 
206 764-5720
Click Here to visit the Museum
Info Thanks to Thayne Forbes

About 131 Aircraft and Spacecraft

    Olympic Flight Museum 
7637A Old Hwy 99 SE
    Olympia, WA  98501
(360) 705-3925
About 6 Aircraft
Hi Jeff,

I've enjoyed visiting your site over the past year - it's very informative and comprehensive!  On Wednesday, returning to Vancouver BC  from my motorcycle trip down to Chino CA to see the Planes of Fame Museum, I had a chance to visit the Olympic Flight Museum  located in Olympia Washington.  The museum doesn't appear to be on your website.  Perhaps you can add consider adding it as I think  it's quite a good museum. 

The museum doesn't have a ton of planes but what they have are in excellent condition.  The museum is well laid out and quite   interesting to walk through.  When I was there they had an Avenger, a Skyraider, a Zero replica (made from an old Harvard) and an L-39  Albatross that were all flyable and in mint condition (except for the Albatross which recently ingested a bird and fried its engine).  The   paint they've used in restoring these planes is second-to-none.

They also had a number of other planes including a Corsair (flyable), two AH-1 Cobra gunship's (currently under restoration), and a couple of old Hueys (under restoration).

Everyone I met was very helpful and they all insisted that I take my time and enjoy myself - I certainly did!

Hope you find this information useful and thanks for creating a great website!
 Larry Wilkins

   Pearson Air Museum 
1105 E. 5th St. 
Vancouver, WA 98661 
360 694-7026 
About 20 Aircraft


   Skagit Aero Education Museum 
Concrete Airport 3W5
Concrete, WA  
Info thanks to Jim Jenkins
About 19 Aircraft


A Journey from Childhood to War
A tremendous story about Jesse Pettey a B-24 Liberator Pilot in World War 2 which takes you from his childhood to becoming an Army Air Force Captain in World War 2. 

By Jesse Pettey.

Jesse Petty, B-24 Liberator Pilot


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