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A picture of a Russian Ilyushin IL-76 Cargo Plane taking off from Antarctica.

North Pole Expedition 2002.
We got here by flying russian planes from Khatanga to the pole
The Russians are supporting our expeditions to both the north pole and south pole using the Ilyushin IL-76.
North Pole 2002 Russian Planes page 10-5.
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Our Antonov An-26 Cargo plane on Sredney Island just 600 miles south of the North Pole
Picture by Curtis Lieber, Arctic Explorer
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Ilyushin IL-76.

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North Pole Travel and Global Warming, What it Means to You

Another great shot by Curtis Lieber. 

This Ilyushin IL-76 is taking off from the Antarctic base camp.  Wing span 165' 8",   Length 152' 10 1/4",   Height 48' 5",   Wing area 3,229 sq. ft.,  Max take-off weight 374,785 lbs.,  Max speed 459 kts 528 mph.   Cursing speed 432 kts 497 mph.,   Take off speed 114 kts 131 mph.  Max altitude 50,850 feet,  Max Range with reserves 3,617 nm 4,163 miles.  Nato designation Candid.  This aircraft replaced the An-12.

These are some of the planes that you will see or ride in during the North Pole Expeditions.






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  The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   by C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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