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The Pitts Aircraft is Almost Ready to Fly,
All it is the Wings.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts


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All Chuck's Pitts needs now is to be taken to the airport
and have the wings installed, then it will be ready to fly.

I must have talked to (6) different people about Pitts transition - (Boy was that an eye opener). Low time and little tail dragger experience. I contacted Aviat and ask them for suggestions. They gave me Ray Williams name and best of all he was not that far from me. I connected with Ray Williams of Clarksville Tennessee. He was a fantastic teacher, but he sure laughed at me a lot! The first lesson, he puts me in the front seat. I could not see squat! He told me to taxi, I think we need a wider runway! The first flight I was introduced to just how light the controls are.  I could no more keep that thing flying in a straight line and at a constant attitude – it was like you’re drunk! Then came the first landing – Ray did good! – I had no idea what he had done. We made a full stop and talked. I didn’t know what to say; I was never going to be able to fly this thing more less land one. Ray said this was common to first time flights but we would get it.  After (15) hours of take offs and landings and some basic aerobatic training and about (5) hours of emergency procedure training, he said I was ready. I can’t say enough about Ray, not only was he a fantastic teacher but also he became a good friend. His only flaw on teaching is – He makes it look to easy!!! I would have really appreciated at least one bad landing from him. If you have never been in a Pitts before, the controls are so light you don’t move them very much, unlike the Cessna 140. Spend the money and take an hour of Pitts training – because you won’t believe it until you try it.


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