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Painting the Pitts Airplane Project Upper Wing.


A Picture of Chuck Putting the first coats of paint on his Pitts aircraft upper wing.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts

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Applying the first coats of paint on the Pitts Aerobatic
Airplane Project Upper Wing during Aircraft Construction.

During this time I started calling Aviat and asking if there was an instruction manual showing step by step what I was suppose to do. They sold me a parts list with exploded views of many of the components. I was not satisfied, so to the Internet. I spent weeks looking for an instruction manual. During this time I found out Curtis Pitts offered the S1 as a kit many years ago that included an instruction manual. Eureka I found one, PITTS AEROBATICS ASSEMBLY MANUAL for the S1E dated November 1, 1997. This (113) page manual is fantastic.




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