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Pitts Special S1S Lower Wings
Covered and Ready to Paint.

A picture of the Pitts Special S1S Lower wings covered ready to be painted.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Picture  by Chuck Roberts

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A picture of the Pitts Special S1S
Lower wings covered and ready to be painted.

It’s amazing how simple the prints make it look! But for now I was having a ball coming up with ideas for fixtures and ways to build this project. By now I had a pretty impressive pile of scrap tubing and 2x4’s. But I figured this wasn’t bad for my first project. In this fixture you just tack weld all the joints. Once all the joints were tack welded, the fuselage came out. Most of the wood from this fixture was reused to make a rotating fixture to finish welding the fuselage. I had purchased the Stits covering video and book from EAA. In the video it shows this rotating fixture used in the covering process. I now had a fixture I could reuse! Some areas of the fuselage where the tube walls are thick and form a cluster, I could not get a good weld with the gas welding process. I borrowed a small Tig welder from a friend and welded these joints.



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