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Blaire is a girl who is treated like dirt in her circle of friends, she's from the white ghetto.
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On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

A Letter from Moki.

I wanted to say a few things in response to your paragraph below. Much of it applies to almost everyone else, too, but it's important to reiterate the message.

I worked with Blaire today, she almost blew up the lawn mower.  Last week she almost burned my house down twice in four hours.  But I've worked with her for five years, she said that my mom and I were the only people in her whole life who have treated her like a decent person.  Everyone else treats her like dirt.  If she's not making meth for them or giving them sex, or cleaning their house for free, they don't want her around.
Did you ever see a puppy dog that has been kicked around all of it's life?  Blaire is that way, it's terrible.

How can people believe in themselves and in their own abilities if no one else even gives them a chance? Even though you'll never see it on a ticker at the stock market on Wall Street, the most important commodity we have is hope. Without hope for a better life, a better future, better conditions, what else do we have? Even the poorest person in the world who has nothing but the rags on his or her back can still hope. Hope can be very powerful. It comes from deep within our own minds, souls and hearts, but we have to be taught that it is a power worth nurturing. And it is the people around us, those who SHOW us that they believe in us, from whom we learn that it's alright to believe in ourselves, too.  Not many things are impossible if you set your mind to them.
Here is a quote I use when I try to motivate people (well, I have many, but I'll give you this one now):
"If when trying to achieve something you encounter a brick wall and it stops you, you didn't want what's behind it badly enough".
The point is, that there are many brick walls in each of our lives. We face them on a daily basis, some are thin, some are small, yet others seem too formidable to knock down, but if we set our minds to it, we can conquer even the thickest and strongest walls there are. There's always a way. I show kids two things, a rock and a tiny seed, and I ask them which is stronger. Of course, they laugh and point to the rock. Aha! But think about it. Imagine that you build a wall made up of thousands of rocks, it stands there for centuries, and then during a storm, one tiny little seed blows into one of the cracks in the mortar. With only a little water to nurture it, it germinates. The seed sends out a tiny hair of a root at the bottom, a small sprout at the top. Soon, it grows into a plant, larger and alive, and with every rain, the roots grow deeper into the wall and begin to push the rocks apart. Eventually with time, where the seed landed, there is a small tree, and as that tree grows even more, the wall slowly begins to disintegrate and it falls apart living behind a magnificent noble tree. The tree is the conqueror and yet it began its life as a tiny seed. Who is the winner now? Which is REALLY stronger, the rock or the seed?
The point of this exercise is to teach people that from the tiniest dreams, great things can result as long as you give them the proper "food" those dreams need - in the seed's case simply water - and the proper amount of time. Nothing is instant. Good things are worth waiting for - as long as you hold onto HOPE.
So, if you'd told me when I was 40 years old that I would one day realize my biggest dream of standing at the North Pole, I would've laughed you off because at the time, I didn't believe in myself much. I had lost hope that life was going to be anything but this mundane day in day out ho hum existence, and although I had to face many adversities and traumas and deep depressions, the ember of my dream never went out completely. I just needed someone to rekindle the fire and restore my hopes. And once that fire was burning again, I did find my way to the pole! And that's why I believe that almost nothing is impossible. All we have to do is conquer our own demons of doubt. So, it won't happen tomorrow, but it WILL happen. Stay the course. Never lose hope. Keep the faith.
The Buddhists have a maxim I like: "Fall down seven times, get up eight".
There. There's motivation for ya! Use any of what I've written above if you think it'll help you or others. We need to support each other.
And now I shall be off to the kitchen for some breakfast and that blessed nectar of the gods that we humans refer to as coffee.
Have a great day, my Jeffie! Keep on keepin' on!


A little About Moki. 

Moki is a Polar Explorer. She is a staff writer for Polar Times and a Global Warming Representative for the United Nations.  I took Moki to the North Pole for her first time in 2003 and we traveled through the island of Spitsbergen Norway.  She is a very experienced person in many fields and speaks several languages.  Here is a link to her story, "Noses are Red, Fingers are Blue"  and here is another link to the 2003 North Pole Expedition


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Ed Beckley once said
Work Harder on Yourself than you do the money
Money is attracted and not pursued.




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Warren Benjamin Kidder (Ben) was the last man to live on the Willow Run property before his house was torn down for the factory construction.  He has done a tremendous amount of research on building the Willow Run Plant and the B-24.  The book is one of the best that I have ever read and you can see a large exhibit here with lots of great photos of the B-24 Liberator under construction plant in World War 2.  Exhibit Added Feb 2000
11 New Pages and a Major Exhibit Upgrade July 2007

By Warren Benjamin Kidder.

willow run, a colossus of american industry


Working with people is what we all need to do.  Every man is a man regardless of where he grew up and what he was taught.  Every woman is a person too, no matter where she has come from or what she was also taught. 

When we think about what our kids are being taught today, what kind of society are we going to have when they become men and women and start running our country and the world.  Every adult has the responsibility to set a good example to every kid and every person, no matter where they were born or where they have come from.   The Golden Rule is to Treat Everyone as if You Would Have Them Treat You.  We are all created equal and we must treat everyone as an equal too. 

Take a look at our TV sets today.  Listen to the music that our kids are listening to today.  Almost nothing has morality or has educational value.  In fact, most programs and songs teach disrespect, hate, violence, and sexual immortality.   On the streets there is violence, danger and drugs.  Education is being taught as being un-cool.  Being cool is to be a foul mouth tough guy who is heavily involved in drugs.  This is all negative feedback that is being pushed onto our society by both inside and outside forces, plus buy the copycats who are making money or just trying to be someone cool themselves. 

We have our troops fighting terrorism overseas, but how are we fighting terrorism right here in the United States?  It's sort of like how are we going to get the splinter out of someone else's eye, when we can't even get the log out of our own eye!  We need to start fighting the violence right here in America.  We need to fight the drugs and everything that is causing our problems right here at home.  This is why the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America Program was formed to begin with.   This program was created as a way for kids to learn things that they never even knew about before.  It teaches that there is a standard way to make your life richer and better.   With the high intensity activities combined with variety and spaced repetition, the psychological impact on these kids will be moved in a totally positive direction, pointing the kids in the right way to give them their very best start in life.

When I took a course in fire fighting, while in the US Navy, they said, "don't spray the flames, spray the source of the fire."  Our police are seeing a higher and higher crime rate in our country and they are doing everything that they can to stop the crime and to protect all people.  Even though their job is a necessary part of stopping crime, they are only spraying the flames but missing the source of the fire.  The source of the fire is what we are teaching our kids.  The negative feedback that our TV and Radio is showing to our kids is the programming of their minds and the condensation nuclei which will generate the way that they will react to any situation, as well as with the formation of their overall ideology.  It is important to teach our kids not to have a foul mouth: To have education and technology as a hobby:  and to do your fair share of work through both physical effort and an educational effort.  "Work harder on yourself than you do the money, money is attracted and not pursued," as Ed Beckley once put it.  But the benefits of this work on all parts of your life, not just on money. 

With the Y-I-BET Program we are spraying our fire hoses directly at the source of the flames.  We are replacing the street education with the ideas of learning by doing new things.  We go to Air Shows, Races, Airports, Military Bases, Museums or just for a walk through the country.   We have found that it's not only the kids that need to be trained, but it's the parents that need training too.  Education and self improvement must be a way of life being incorporated into the form of our pleasures and entertainment.    Read through the following pages and look at what we have done throughout the years for the betterment of our people, community and country.   Thank you very much,  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.  www.YellowAirplane.com

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