What kind of Gun Camera is this.

Pictures of a WW2 Gun Camera or Camera Gun, Can you tell me about this gun.

Gun Camera or Camera Gun.

Gun Camera or Camera Gun, you tell me why this gun camera has a lens sticking out of the side.

What is the purpose of this gun.  It's a camera mounted on the side of a gun.  It's definitely something military, was it used in the old WW2 bombers like a B-17 or B-29 or what.  Please let me know if you have any ideas on this gun camera or gun cameras like it.

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We are looking for more information or photo's about this gun.
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here's the gun camera in whole

During WWII the U.S. used "gun cameras". 

So did the Nazis and the Japanese. Most of these cameras  were fitted to, or followed the guns. But, Some of them were made to look, feel, aim and shoot like guns, and that's what we have here. A Fairchild Aviation, GUN CAMERA--MARK VI--model 3--No. 2171. Made for the Dept of Ordinance in 1940. Looks just like a medium sized waist, or tail  Machine gun. Presumably used to monitor and record gunnery skills. Probably instrumental in documenting and developing the flying and shooting blind advances, including Radar, radio guidance, MAD, and Loran systems which were just beginning to evolve in the early 1940's..This thing has a 1 inch plus barrel almost 15" long. Total length of gun is nearly 40".,Weighs in at 23 lbs. Not a lightweight! Gun is era  blue-gray-green metal with  wooden handles. Has Several doors to access light  bulbs and for film loading. Battery cartridge for 3 "D" batteries screws into the back. Seems complete except for front lens, which may have been stored separately ?As far as the condition, for a gun it's excellent,   for a camera, well, it's dusty and needs a little more than just a cleaning with an air gun. This is a stunning article-if not a little ominous. Paint is very good. Glass view-window-wheel on side has 2 wheels inside, counts from 1 to 100,then advances second wheel,1-10, Sounds like a thousand frames to me? Plunger thumb trigger between handles is spring loaded, turns on light and engages film  magazine, there is no film mag. This is a genuine article, found in the basement of a Hammarlund Radio  engineer (as in "Ham" radio) who worked for several electronic firms during the war. BIG history  here. Ships at actual. If you want this shipped out of the country, get someone else to do it, I'll send it to  them. Please pardon possible inaccuracies above. I'm no WWII expert. If you know better, feel free  to email me. If you have questions email me. If you want the phone number of the girl, forget it. I put the  gun on the scanner for the tag photo.  Cheap digital camera captured my girlfriend holding the gun.  Believe me, she's struggling. Paint is not mottled, or cammo as picture suggests .It's pretty green till you  shine it up, then looks green-blue, like vintage radio equipment.
A closeup view of the gun camera by the u.s. navy, made by fairchild aviation corp, new york



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