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Pictures of an Arctic Twister, Cyclone, as it Hits the city of Khatanga creating a total whiteout.

North Pole Expedition 2002.
C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
A series of pictures of an Siberian Arctic cyclone which envelopes the city of Khatanga, Russia. You can see this storm in this series of photos.
  North Pole Khatanga page 23.

We were deep in Siberian Tundra when this Arctic Twister hit us well within the Arctic Circle very close to the Arctic Ocean above Russia.

The Arctic Cyclone was one that followed us as we flew east.  We just barely stayed in front of it all the way from Moscow.  Now deep in the Siberian Arctic Circle we felt the full brunt of the storm.  Just five minutes after the top Siberia picture was taken, the middle picture was snapped.  And, just as fast as I could press the button after the film wound, I took the third shot.  You can see how fast this arctic twister cyclone cloud bank travels above the tundra.

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In the distance you can see the smooth white clouds near the horizon
Look right at the horizon.  Do you see the smooth white cloud from side to side?
This picture was taken from exactly the same place just five minutes later.  That smooth white cloud was the spiral arm of an Arctic Cyclone.
This picture was taken just an instant from the above picture, almost the time that it took my camera to advance to the next frame.  The cloud is on us now and it will soon be a total whiteout and Super Cold.
Pictures by C. Jeff Dyrek


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What's the weather like in Khatanga in the middle of April?  Here are three pictures of a cyclone that will give you an idea.

We are looking south here, but the cyclone has spiral arms that are spinning counterclockwise giving the cyclone the appearance that it was coming from the south when it was actually coming from the northwest.


More about whiteout's, but in Alaska,

Hey Jeff, there's two types of a Whiteout up North in the Artic.. One.. is a blinding snow causing visibility, almost zero, but the real great Whiteout is when a frozen fog rolls in, now this type of Whiteout is so white that you can't see five feet, in fact under these conditions everybody is restricted in their places until the fog has passed. When this fog has passed and the sun comes out the landscape is a wonderland of ice crystals, everything that the fog passes through collects on the objects and causes everything to sparkle like diamonds. As you know when a fog that rolls in down here is in a gray form, but up in the Arctic the fog is pure white and that's why they call it a Whiteout. 
Sgt. James Seth Dyrek.


The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster


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