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Dolgan Indian Books.  l Siberian Reindeer Boots from Khatanga, Siberia.

North Pole Expedition 2002.
C. Jeff Dyrek, standing on the North Pole after leaving Siberia
This gentleman in Khatanga, Siberia, Russia, makes some real nice reindeer boots. You can see the boots in this picture made by the Dolgan Indians.
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The Dolgans used these ceremonial boots in a Dolgan dance in the northern part of central Siberia, Khatanga public school

These Siberian reindeer boots are just for Costume use in the Siberian Ceremonies of the Dolgan Indians of Siberia. 

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Some real nice Siberian Reindeer Boots made in Khatanga Russia
Picture by C. Jeff Dyrek.
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I met this man in the store in Khatanga Siberia. 

He was a very nice man who probably would never hurt a flea.  As you can see, the Siberian boots are extremely beautiful.  The boots here are not complete, however.  He waits until he gets a customer and then custom fits the sole to the boot and the customers feet.   I don't think warmth is the main goal of these boots, it is the beauty.  These boots look very similar to what the Dolgan (also spelled Dolgane and Dogon Tribe). and Nganasan Indians were using in their celebration dance ceremonies at the Siberian public school auditorium. 

Khatanga is properly pronounced Ha-Tin-Ga.   The older people pronounce it with a sound that I cannot reproduce, but the younger people say Ha Tin Ga, leaving the "K" is silent.  However when I was in Moscow and was talking to people from there, they said that there are Khatanga Restaurants in Moscow pronounced using the "K"

This picture was taken in the North Pole-Siberian Expedition of 2002.  Today, December 23, 2007 I received a Merry Christmas phone call from Khatanga.  I have really enjoyed the good friends that I have met in Siberia, they are a different and special kind of people.


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The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

the 65th anniversary of the First Soviet drifting station "North Pole - 1";
      the 65th anniversary of the First trans arctic flight from Russia to North America through North Pole, realized
      by the crew of Valeri Chkalov and Michael Gromov;
      the 40th anniversary of the first sailing of Soviet atomic submarine to the North pole;
      the 25th anniversary of the first sailing of Soviet atomic ice-breaker "Arctica" to the North pole;
      the 10th anniversary of raising of the first Russian flag on the North pole;
      the 20th anniversary of Expositional Center "Arctic".   Woolly Mammoth

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