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A photo of the Cabin on Sredney Island, home of Russian Soldiers.

North Pole Expedition 2002.

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
This is a photo of the inside view of the cabin on Sredney (Srednij) Island.  We slept in an empty room on the first floor and the Russian Soldiers stayed upstairs.
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This is the inside photo of the cabin on Sredney Island.
We slept in an empty room and the Russian Soldiers stayed upstairs


We are moving into the cabin on Sredney Island
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek.

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North Pole Travel and Global Warming, What it Means to You

Continued from the previous page.    Thomas and I were on our way back from the other island, but taking a route toward a small ship that was stranded and crushed in the ice.  The dogs were still with us and followed us like a shadow.  I was pretty exhausted and my insides hurt and probably shouldn't be out here at all.   We got to the boat and saw that it was beyond repair.  It looked like it was about sixty feet long, the windows were all busted out, the hull was sticking out of the water (Ice) exposing the props for a real good view.  It was interesting how the hull was made, when it came back to the props it suddenly had a large cavity built into it to allow a special flow into the props.  The props were not just props exposed to the sea with a shaft driving them, they were able to be steered like a rudder with the prop shaft coming straight down from the hull of the boat and a gearbox driving the propellers at a 90 degree angle from the shafts.  The props were also enclosed in a tubular duct, I guess you would call them ducted props.   This was an expensive design for the boat and exactly how it got stranded here, I don't know.  All I could say is that it was a costly loss to the captain. 

Looking more closely at the boat I noticed a long wire that was attached to the hull which traveled across the snow going up toward the cabin that we slept in.  It seemed to be some sort of a grounding wire for the Amateur Radio system that the Russian Workers had set up.  They had a lot of amateur radio equipment, at least they had a lot of different antennas on the island.  When were sitting in the room we could hear the Russians upstairs sending and receiving radio signals.   I'm a bit rusty on the code and it was real faint but I was able to make a little of the message out.  We had a girl in the room that kept saying, "If someone knew the code we could find out what they were saying."  I'm sorry to say if she would have just kept quiet and stopped asking the same question over and over, maybe I could hear enough to find out what they were saying.  Well, as it goes, too much talk and not enough listening kept us from the secret.

Again, I'm jumping around a bit, but, Thomas and I climbed the hill and found Anand wandering around the island.  I wish, to this day, that I would have asked others if they wanted to explore the island instead of sitting in the room for about fourteen hours.  Anand was a real nice person and was very interesting to talk to and it would have been fun if he was walking with us to the other island.

In the picture above you could see the inside of the room.  The paint was pealing off of the walls, there were electrical wires going to terminals on the wall with absolutely no covering to protect someone from touching them,  coaxial cables were strung along the walls, the door wouldn't shut, we only had a small electric heater and with the door open all of us were near freezing.   We slept on beds that had no mattresses and there just wasn't enough room for everyone so some brave people, like Thomas, crawled under other peoples beds for their naps.





Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft Wing Building

    Shows many Pitts aircraft from building to flying This is the worlds most successful aerobatic aircraft. First built by Curtis Pitts using a 65 hp engine which he though would be excessive power, the Pitts is now built using engines with horsepower ratings of 450 hp and more. You too can build a Pitts aircraft in your own garage.
Exhibit Added 8-Dec-1999

One of our Expedition Members took this ride to the Edge of Space,
he said it was absolutely fantastic.

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The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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