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A Picture of an Unpainted Pitts Aircraft Airframe.

A picture of a Pitts Aircraft Un-painted Fuselage.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts

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A picture of a Pitts Aircraft Un-painted Fuselage
getting the tires and Landing Gear fitted.


Next came the sheet aluminum for the front portion of the plane. You need to make your templates out of cardboard (it’s cheaper). Once your satisfied, now make it out of your aluminum!

By now I found an aerobatic club kind of close to me (via internet IAC) Chapter 61. I joined, and started bombarding them with questions. After talking to several people about the canopy, I decided it would be cheaper in the long run to purchase the windscreen and canopy from Aviat, I just wish the canopy tracks were about 4” longer. When you have your chute on, it’s a tight squeeze to get in and out.





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