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 Fitting the Turtledeck on the Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft.

This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
Photo by Chuck Roberts

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Chuck is building his turtledeck out of wood
and has already fitted it to his Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft fuselage.

At this point I rolled my project into the middle of the garage floor, rested the tail wheel on the floor and climbed in. That was my very first rude awaking!!!! SON-OF-A-(GUN) I can’t see in front of me!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, I have never even been in a Pitts before. I had only sat in this thing when the aluminum and canopy was not on – and the visibility was perfect! If I put enough cushions to sit me high enough, my head was outside the canopy. I was told by several Pitts pilots that this would not be an issue during level flight, only during take-off and landings. Well excuse me! But isn’t it important to see during take-offs and landings? They all laughed at me and said you will get use to it. After all I watched the Pitts pilots take-off and land at the Salem aerobatic contest, and they all made it look easy (Too Easy). Before long I was back into building and forgot all about – someday you are going to fly this thing.

By now it was spring, I moved the wings outside and varnished them.




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